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Entry date: 4-12-2023 - Wednesday Again? - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I am bummed I played the tired card yesterday because I am even more tired today. What a motherfucker of a day Tuesday was. I’ll tell you why.

The day started off okay, but my students were in a very vocal mood from the get-go. The talking was off the charts. It was also a testing day, so they had to be quiet for about two straight hours. I think it drove them a little nuts, to be honest, because about 20 of my 30 kids were basically unhinged for the last five hours of the day.

They pulled bullshit throughout the day and by the end of it, I was wiped. I could have made about five phone calls home and, really, I should have done so to let a few parents know that if corporal punishment was still legal, their kids would have gotten swatted. I was that pissed at a few of them.

As I reflect now, though, I realize they just need more to do and some of them are starting to wig out on the fact that they will be leaving the only school they have known at the end of the year. Our school is K-4, so next year they are off to the big 5th- 8th grade school next door. Change is coming for them and a few of them are fucking scared.

They should be a bit scared, too. Next year they are going to be the small fish in a bigger pond and acting like babies might just get their asses kicked. It’s strange to think that some of my students are definitely going to get their comeuppance next year at the hands of an older kid who doesn’t want to play, but it will be good for a few of them, too, to get a dose of reality.

After I got home, I just chilled for a bit before heading to Hillbilly practice. We hadn’t played for about five weeks, so it felt good to dust off the cobwebs. We have a show on the 22nd with the Mentors so we need to tighten it all up a bit. Good to see the boys, for sure, but it tuckered me out, too.

I’ll get back to The Bet soon. Probably tomorrow. I have some ideas of where the story can go. I’ve been meandering a bit. I love the highwire act of sitting down and writing from the top of my head, but it can also be daunting. I do appreciate the understanding, though, that those of you who have shared your thoughts about my fictional efforts have shown.

See you tomorrow.

Opening weekend in Sun City, 1960.

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