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Entry date: 4-13-2022 - David Mamet is wrong - Letters to My Friends (and the world)

Dear Friends,

I’d like to send out a hearty and hale, “Go Fuck Yourself” to the writer and now, apparently, total piece of human shit that is David Mamet. I can’t believe what I read regarding his comments on Fox News. Considering the show/channel he was spouting nonsense on, I guess I should not be surprised, but still. I am thoroughly disappointed.

First of all, I also watched him on Bill Maher recently and it seems like this guy is also a total pussy. Maher attempted to back him into a corner about some things he wrote in his latest book and Mamet backpedaled his way out of getting destroyed by Maher (good instinct, asshole!). But seriously, to go on Fox News and say, “teachers are inclined, particularly men because men are predators, to pedophilia.”

Again, fuck you. For someone who is clearly intelligent, because you would have had to have been intelligent at some point in your life to write some of the incredible things you have written, Mr. Mamet, to say something as stupid as this when there is a teacher shortage, people willing to commit violence because someone on Fox says someone is bad, and children who need to learn to protect themselves from actual pedophiles, you are clearly A FUCKING EVIL MORON.

I used to enjoy this guy’s work. Spanish Prisoner…fucking great stuff. I loved that movie. Not sure if I can stomach it again. Glengarry Glen Ross? Another thing I loved…until now. I know they say you have to be able to separate the art from the artist, and I do this for others, but what the fuck? I’m guessing I will eventually watch those films again when the sting of this idiocy blows over, but statistically speaking, one of the most likely professions to be a pedophile (I read this in a book on pedophilia) is dentistry.

Weird, right? You’re much more likely, if you are a child, to be sexually abused or assaulted by a dentist than a Catholic Priest or a teacher. Now, Mamet did go on to say that he thought this sexual abuse was more on an emotional level because of schools teaching sex education, but one should be smart enough to know this is talking about two very different things…but like his Republican cronies (the crazy ones, that is, not my conservative friends who were Republican before it became a bastion of conspiracy, finger pointing, and flat out lies), he’s using the P word to describe a ton of people who get up every day and work hard to make children’s lives better and safer.

David Mamet must be terribly confused about what sex education in schools looks and sounds like. Most of the programs that I have been around cover the basic science of reproduction and the narrative is strictly around an act between a man and woman. There is a lot of a false information floating around right now how children are being indoctrinated to be gay, for example, or trans in schools. As someone who has spent a great deal of time in schools for much of the last 25 years and has been a part of raising seven children and a grandchild, either I am very lucky to have not witnessed indoctrination, or it DOESN’T FUCKING HAPPEN.

Sure, teachers say and do dumb things sometimes. A California teacher was just let go for telling their students that Trump won the election. That’s wrong. Not because it’s a stupid thing to say, but because as a teacher, you don’t talk about your personal political views to your kids. You have too much influence on young lives to share that part of yourself. It is not fair to anyone involved.

Just like it would not be safe or ethical for any teacher to talk about their personal opinions regarding religion, sexual preference, or beliefs on how others should live their lives. We should be creating safe places for children to learn and grow. The vast majority of us do just that, too. We sacrifice saying the right thing a lot to preach respect and tolerance, for example. I have plenty of students who I want to say, “Your parent is wrong. It is not okay to hit someone.” Or “Your parent is wrong. People who look different than you aren’t scary. They are just different.”

Bigotry, sexism, racism, homophobia begins at home. TVs are on at home, not at school. I have a student who is clearly being raised by a racist. Is it her nature to be a racist? I don’t think so. She doesn’t seem to have any problems with anyone while she’s here at school and she is surrounded by children who look nothing like her. Does this bother her parents? Yes, I know it does, but what can I do except be a good influence, talk to her about how everyone deserves respect, kindness, and empathy, and provide a safe classroom for her to be her.

2nd graders could give two shits about sexual preference or David fucking Mamet. They want to learn, laugh, play, and enjoy life. According to him, though, they should fear me because I am a male and I may want to encourage them to think about sex. What a joke. What a senseless and uncaring thing to say on the new that is heard by millions of people who believe everything they hear on that channel.

Education is in chaos, yes, but making people scared is not the way to go about it. I just don’t get why people want to ruin the safest seven or eight hours in many of our children’s day. It breaks my heart.

I knew I wanted to be a teacher from an early age. Never once did I think that it was a great way to meet people to have sex with. Fuck you, David Mamet. Fuck you, indeed. First prize for you is not a Cadillac. Your first prize is now double birds in your fucking face. You can keep those Glengarry leads and shove them up your big, stupid ass.

See you tomorrow.

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