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Entry date: 4-14-2023 - Bummer - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

There is no real bummer. In fact, yesterday as pretty okay and today is Friday. It just seemed like a good title.

There was a moment yesterday when we were getting ready to start the day that I wanted to share. Off and on, I have been playing the Beatles for the kids and the last couple of days we have been listening to a lot of the White Album.

"Blackbird" came on and I was singing along as I walked through the classroom. One of my students, a nice little dude who is always doing the right thing, was just staring at me with these huge eyes. I don't think he had ever heard the song before, but I'm guessing he will ask to hear it again.

He always asks for what he needs in such a respectful way. I wish there were more kids like him. Responsible, willing to ask for what he needs, and caring. Most of my students just think about themselves, but he advocates for himself without stepping on anyone else's toes or feelings along the way.

See you tomorrow.

Festivus? Not for the rest of us.

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