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Entry date: 4-17-2023 - Stupid Basketball (and the Bet) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I can’t believe the Suns last night. Well, I can. I think Monty Williams is probably going to get fired this summer. If I’m Mat Ishbia I have to seriously consider getting rid of Monty. He did not have the Suns ready to play last night.

How does that occur?

Well, I guess when you have no real threat off the bench and you’re playing a fairly deep team, you’re in trouble. If the Suns could have gotten a rebound in the last minute of the game, they might have pulled it out. Stupid Suns. Stupid, stupid Suns.

The team is supposed to be competing for a championship this year and they don’t want this first game of the series as much as their opponent. Hat’s off to the Clippers, though. Westbrook hit two free throws when he needed to and he missed a lot of shots during the game.

I had to watch the TNT broadcast because I don’t have Bally Sports anymore. Stan Van Gundy sucks buttermilk. If he called Torrey Craig the wrong name (Okogie) once, he did it ten times. Where was his help, I wonder, who probably could have let him know that Okogie was on the bench. Dumb shit! I’m just bitter about the game.

I’m going to say it right here. The Suns will not win this series. They might not win a game. They couldn’t even get the ball in bounds when they needed to at the end of the game. They were unprepared. Un-fucking-prepared. Even Al McCoy, who I was listening to at the end agreed with me that the Suns were not ready to play.

That’s enough of that nonsense. Fucking sports.

Happy Monday, everyone.


Oblivious to Paul calling from the kitchen if she was almost ready to go get the kids, Marcy stood and stared at the DVD box in her hand.

This can’t be happening, she thought.

“It is,” said Jimmy from the box, making eye contact with a clearly troubled Marcy.

Jimmy even winked at Marcy again.

“Did you like that one last night?” he asked.

Marcy shook her head from side to side.

“I didn’t mean to freak you out. I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a long time, but the timing…” Jimmy trailed off as if lost in thought.

“What is this? I don’t get it,” Marcy said out loud.

“Sssshhhh, Paul will hear you. Just think to me.” Jimmy laughed at his own comment.

Just ‘think to you’, Marcy thought. How could that be? Paul was going to think she was crazy.

“He will think you’re crazy, Marcy, and no, he can’t hear me. Not yet, at least. You might be able to convince him, though. You can talk anybody into anything.”

‘Shut up, Jimmy,’ screamed Marcy in her head. ‘I need time to think.’

“That’s okay, Marcy. I’ll be right here. I’ll also be right there. I’ll be everywhere you are from now on. I’m inside you.”

Ever the rock and roller, Jimmy started singing, “Im inside of you. In-siiiiiiiiiiiiide you. And I can read – your – mind” which he drew out like it was the last line in a country song. Jimmy could do it all apparently.

Marcy didn’t notice that Paul had walked into the living room.

“Marcy, are you ready?” he asked.

To Paul, it looked as if Marcy was waiting for the picture of Jimmy to start talking. He almost chuckled, too, but he was more concerned about Marcy ignoring him. Had she gone deaf overnight, he wondered? He decided to tap her on the shoulder.

(to be continued)


See you tomorrow.

I'm getting ready to go.

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