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Entry date: 4-20-2023 - Another Weed Story - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I was looking at last year’s blog from 4/20. I had forgotten what I shared last year and I’m glad I went back and looked because I might have just repeated some of it this year, too. This year I will tell you a different weed story.


Considering how popular cannabis has become, it’s only a matter of time before strains of weed are being so radically altered in a lab that you will be able to buy all kinds of different strains specifically engineered to create specific reactions in the average person. I envision a day when your trip to the dispensary will involve this question:

What type of experience would you like to have?

I’m confident in this because our bodies are built for cannabinoids. The chemistry needs to be researched further, of course, and hopefully funding will be more readily available to look into the many healthy benefits that can be derived from these plants, but one day, there will be strains of cannabis and hemp that are specifically tailored to do all kinds of interesting things.

Imagine needing a little jolt of self-esteem and being able to buy gummies that made you feel confident? Need a little empathy for a friend who is going through a tough spot? Pop a “Feelie.” Smoke a “Discerning” Doobie for a little extra objectivity.

You get my drift, I’m sure, but it’ll happen. Of course, some people will take it too far and we will hear horror stories about how someone ate too many “Fearless” gummies and jumped off the Empire State Building or some such nonsense. That will happen, of course, but the benefits will far outweigh the risks.

I’ve been toying around with this idea of a drug that will help people feel empathy. I know a lot of people out there who could do well to stop and think about what it would be like to be in someone else’s shoes, as they say. Maybe I spend too much time with ten-year-olds, who struggle to understand a lot of the time that other people have feelings, too, but I also know a lot of adults who forget this, as well.

I feel like cannabis is a realistic option for this and wish I knew enough about chemistry to make it make sense. If anything, there is a good story in here somewhere. Perhaps the next two-minute story series?


Suns play tonight and I think they are going to win. I’m very hopeful.

See you tomorrow.

Couldn't help myself.

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