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Entry date: 4-22-2023 - Sunday is and isn’t - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I wonder if our forefathers actually intended us to have "freedom from religion." I thought about this idea this morning after seeing a headline about how our House of Representatives has tons of Christian zealots in it. It makes me wonder why and how a person's religious faith makes them fit (or not) for public service.

I studied Christianity extensively in college. As I have mentioned, I wanted to understand faith better so I studied the history of how Christian faith came to be. I learned to love a lot of what was written in the Bible but also began to understand how easily those words can be re-imagined to fit the needs of the powerful.

Someday, the majority is going to wake up and realize that the only thing we really need to figure out is our relationship to an objective moral order of truth. Good and bad exist. How we relate to them and how we make choices that impact ourselves and other in "good" and/or "bad" ways is what we need to concern ourselves with in the end. God understands this. Religions do not.

Religion is a tool. For good or bad, it is just a means to an unknowable end. Faith is the currency the tool needs to run. For good and bad, too.

Good and evil. The choice is yours.

See you tomorrow.

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