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Entry date: 4-26-2023 - Kickball! Plus eff the Suns in the B - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Last night’s Suns game was bullshit. It was also exciting, but right now, I feel like I almost have to be done with caring too much about this team. They got past the Clippers, but I fear that Denver is going to sweep them. I can’t believe the Suns can’t get their act together to finish a series against an opponent missing their two best players by playing a complete, strong game.

Also, I'm disappointed with Kevin Durant. I’ve seen enough. He’s great and all at what he does, but he can’t put a team on his back anymore. He's Robin to Booker's Batman.

Yes, I’m bitter.

Perhaps I set myself up for this stuff. I want them to win a championship so badly that I buy into every little piece of false hope. Not anymore, though. I’ve put it in writing. I have no faith in any of the local teams. I’m saying I won’t watch anymore, but I’m done with being as emotionally involved.

That third quarter was amazing, but the rest of it was nauseating. To watch the Suns go from looking like the best team anywhere to a team that gives up an almost twenty point in the span of the second half, I'm just done.


Yesterday was a pretty fun day at work. The kids were working well during the day and I got some good time in helping out for the art show tomorrow. I am very excited to see the kids showing off their art to their families. They should be proud, too. A bunch of them are quite talented.

We are really lucky, too, to have a couple of good art teachers on the staff. I like them both quite a bit even though I haven’t really had a chance to talk to them very much. Most importantly, the students really seem to like them.

Today we are doing a kickball game for the fourth grade. It will be a chill day for everyone, and it is needed. It’s a little decompression after all the testing we’ve been doing.


Still so bitter about the stupid Suns. I’m going to keep this short and sweet today.

Enjoy your Wednesday friends.

See you tomorrow.

No Volcano from seven or eight years ago at Inkenstein.

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