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Entry date: 4-3-2023 - The Bet - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

This is my attempt to recreate the stuff Wix fucked me out of yesterday.


Paul chuckled to himself as he walked down the hall. Marcy got so offended sometimes about the silliest things. It was okay, though. She fought hard to make a great life for all of them.

He looked in on Billy first. He was worn out. When Jim and Stephanie came over with their kids, of which there were three, Billy lived his best life. Paul loved watching Billy and Josh, Jim and Stephanie's son, race around the backyard. If they did one lap that afternoon, they did a hundred. Billy would sleep well tonight.

At eight going on 25, Winny had also lived her best life that day. Their friends had two daughters, Mabel and Hilary, who were six and nine respectively. The girls played together really well, although Winny often confessed that she liked Mabel a lot more than Hilary.

"Everything is always so serious with Hilly," Winny would always say after they left.

Winny was sleeping soundly, too, so Paul ambled over through the living room and checked the front door. This was his nightly ritual. Check the kids, check the doors, and then pee. Even if it meant just squeezing out a couple of last minute drops, Paul had to pee before settling down for the night. He had done this since he was a younger than Winny, which was short for Winona.

When he got back to his bedroom, the lights were off and Marcy seemed to be asleep already, so Paul laid down and closed his eyes.

The next morning, which was a Sunday, the family was seated around the breakfast table. Marcy had gotten up early and made a big breakfast. Paul was sipping his coffee when Marcy broke the silence that had overtaken the family as they ate their blueberry pancakes.

"Were you serious last night?"

Hmm, hon?" Paul replied after swallowing his medium blend brew.

"Do I really push people into watching Jimmy's Brain?"

"I don't think I said you were pushy," replied Paul as he laughed a little bit.

"Well, you implied it."

"I did not."

"Kids, is mommy pushy?" Marcy asked.

"Well, you do seem to want everyone to watch that movie, mom," replied Billy.

"I do not."

Marcy didn't like the way Billy said "everyone." She had never really realized how much she liked to share Jimmy's Brain with people.

"When do I get to see it?" Winny asked.

"When you're twelve," replied Paul, Billy, and Marcy in unison.

"But I've almost seen it all already," Winny protested. "I know all the stupid jokes by heart."

"They aren't stupid, Winny. That's mean," said Marcy.

"Sorry, mom."

"Yeah, sorry mom," added Billy.

Marcy looked at Billy.

"Why are you sorry," she asked her son.

"I didn't really get them either, mom."

"You've seen it?"

"Dad showed it to me over Christmas."

Billy shot a look at Paul knowing he'd gone to far.

"What!" Marcy demanded.

"It wasn't that bad, mom. Only some boobs and swears," Billy said.

"Boobs and swears aren't too bad," Winny said.

"Paul?" Marcy asked.

"Boobs and swears aren't that bad, hon." Paul replied.

He searched his wife's face her reaction.

Marcy smiled her best smile and everyone enjoyed their breakfast, but the wheels were spinning.


See you tomorrow.

This is how I feel about Wix right now.

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