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Entry date: 4-6-2023 - The Bet - Letters to My Friends

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Dear Friends,

I am so frustrated by this stupid website right now. Yesterday the frustration won and I hate that. I apologize to the few of you who like to read this on the regular. I will persevere.


For the next several weeks, things were pretty much status quo for our family of four. Paul and Marcy went to work and came home and the kids went to school and came home. Whenever possible, they ate together and talked and laughed and did the things they normally did. It was life and they were living.

On the nights that Marcy worked late at the hospital, which were a few times a month, Billy and WInny would take turns helping Paul with dinner. They enjoyed this time with their dad and Paul enjoyed the help. While he was a smart fellow and fairly good with his hands, he was not much of a cook.

Paul could turn a wrench on the weekends, of course, and was even half decent on the guitar, but the kitchen was a mystery to him. Even Winny was a better cook at the tender age of eight than Paul was at 39. The three of them had fun in the kitchen, though, and managed to make some pretty delicious things from time to time.

Marcy was a great cook and when she was home, the kitchen was her domain. Paul marveled at how she could come up with new recipes and ideas on a regular basis that kept their meal time both an adventure and a treat. Luckily, the kids had not picked up on the pickiness that some of their friends occasionally displayed and Billy and Winny would, at very least, try anything once.

That was kind of a family motto. A perfect Christmas gift for them would have been the “Try Anything Once Family.” Maybe someday it would magically appear in a large box under the tree.

Things were going so smoothly that no one had even thought about the Sunday breakfast discussion from a few weeks earlier about Marcy’s bossiness. Jimmy’s Brain, for example, had not come up in conversation even once. All good things come to end, though, and one night, Paul couldn’t help himself.

Marcy was working late at the hospital, but texted Paul during a break.

Marcy: Hey babe. I’m thinking of inviting Greg and Jenny over this weekend. Do we have anything going on?

Paul: Who are Greg and Jenny?

Marcy: Very funny. Would Saturday work?

Paul: New phone, who dis?

Marcy: STFU. Saturday it is.

Paul: Que?

Marcy: Okay, Stony McStonerpants.


Marcy: I only have a few more minutes. Is it okay with you?

Paul: Sorry babe. Yes. Sounds good, but I have one question.

Marcy: What?

Paul: Have they seen Jimmy’s Brain?

Marcy: I’m going back to work.

Paul: I bet you ask them to watch it.

Marcy: We’ll talk about the bet later, but you’re on.

Paul: <3

When Marcy got home in the wee hours of the morning, Paul stirred a bit as she kissed the side of his face when she got into bed.

“You awake?” She asked.


“Were you serious about the bet?”

“What bet?”

“The movie bet.”

“Ah, yes. You in?”

“I’m in.”

(to be continued)


See you tomorrow.

Valley Bar is fun.

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