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Entry date: 4-7-2023 - Updates (and the Bet) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

It’s Good Friday. Are you being Good? Are you being capital “G,” good? I hope so. I’m happy to have a day off work, that’s for sure. This week wore me out.

I’m off this morning to the Phoenix Zoo to see some friends and meet some animals. I’m excited about it and will tell y’all about it tomorrow, for sure. I’m just stoked it worked out and appreciate Matt making it happen.

I’ve reverted back to the old way of doing things and typing these up in word. Not sure what is going on with WIX, but I’m not taking anymore chances. It was very frustrating earlier in the week to have some good work ruined because I walked into the kitchen to check on my dinner. I’m sure, somehow, it is all my fault. Pluto is in Jupiter or Aquarius or something.

I got some new glasses this week and I’m really digging them. They allow me to skip wearing contacts during the day as they turn to sunglasses when I go outside. I had some glasses that transitioned back in the early 80s and they kind of stayed sort of yellow instead of going back to clear. 6th grade me was not stoked on that. These seem to work really well. Fingers crossed.

One of the fun things about getting older is the subtle and not so subtle changes that happen to my body on a regular basis. Some of you who read this will understand pretty well and even better than me. It seems, though, that on a regular basis, life sort of changes. Case in point, I can’t see as well wearing contacts as I can with glasses. It didn’t used to be that way. I used to be able to see better with contacts, but now, not so much.

The crossroads, of course, is how many contacts I should buy next time around. I usually like to get a year’s worth at a time, but if I don’t wear them every day, maybe six months will do the trick. This is the stuff of exciting blogging, that’s for sure.

Apologies, dear reader. I forget sometimes that there is a difference between the thoughts in my head and what I should commit to the interwebs. Someday, they’ll make a miniseries about my eyewear. Just wait.


“So, what do you want to bet?” Marcy asked during the dinner the next night. The kids were eating with Paul’s parents, so it was just the two of them.

Paul laughed. “I was wondering when you were going to bring that up again. I thought about it at work today. I even asked Dave what I should bet you, but he wasn’t much help.”

“He didn’t have any suggestions?”

“Just sex stuff.”

“Sounds like Dave. It could be sex stuff,” Marcy said playfully.

“That’s a little too Indecent Proposal for me. You know I’m a prude at heart,” Dave replied.

“Okay, I got If I can convince Greg and Jenny to watch the movie, you have to watch it any time I want for six months without complaining.”

“Define ‘complaining,’” Dave said with a smirk.

“Nice try, dear. You know what I mean. You like to make your little comments. There can be none. You will watch it and like it and you won’t try to talk me out of it.”

“I do like it. That part won’t be tough.”

“Well, if I win, six months and when I suggest it to anyone, you will support me wholeheartedly.”

“Okay, I can live with that, but…” and Paul paused for a second.


“How do I know you haven’t already talked to Greg about the movie at work and set it up? How do I know you haven’t told him about the bet?”

“You think I would do that?”

“Yes. Yes, I do. Babe, you’re competitive.”

“I promise. Besides, I’m not that good of an actress. I couldn’t pull that off.”

“And if you can’t convince them to watch the movie? What do I get?”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to admit that you’re bossy.”

Paul laughed out loud at his own comment and even harder when he saw Marcy’s reaction.

“I’m not bossy.”

“Maybe not, but you certainly like getting your way.”

“That doesn’t make me bossy. Tell me what you really want.”

“Not bossy, huh?”

Paul got up and walked over to the oven and grabbed another piece of chicken.

“How about I cook whatever you want for a month?”

“You do that anyway.”

“No, I don’t. I make what I want to make and you just like it all.”

“I’m easy.”

“I could be easy, too,” Marcy said with a mischievous look in her eye.

“Should I tell you what Dave suggested?”

“I’m pretty sure I know.”

“Well, I’ve given it a lot of thought. If you can’t get Greg and Jenny to watch the movie, I get to point out when you are being bossy and you can’t disagree with me…no matter who is around or watching.”

Marcy looked at Paul for a minute, studying his face for a clue to see how serious he was.

“I could agree to that, but you can’t be a dick about it.”

“When am I a dick about anything?”

“Do you want me to make a list for you? Alphabetical or categorical?”


“Let’s sleep on it. Final proposals tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay…unless you are being bossy right now. I can’t tell.”

“Fuck you.”

“We’ve got an hour or two before the kids get home.”

(to be continued)


See you tomorrow.

Elise and Teresa many moons ago.

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