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Entry date: 4-8-2023 - A day of Warriors (and a little Bet) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Big happy birthday to my buddy, Brian, today. A couple of days after his birthday last year, I wrote about how he, Michael, Cassie and I went out and got to know each other one night in 1986. It’s strange to think about the constants in one’s life. Brian has been a constant, even though we have lived in different states a lot more than we have lived in the same one, for almost 37 years.

This last year has been a tough one, but also a great one for Brian on many levels and I’m stoked that he is on the right path in life. We all have a lot of paths. Lord knows I have been on a few in my time, some good and righteous and some dangerous or self-serving and some that just really didn’t go anywhere, but Brian is on a good, but hard path right now. Keep doing the work, my brother, and happy birthday.

I’m so glad our mutual friend, Dave, introduced us to each other many years ago at the Siouxsie/Love & Rockets show at Mesa Centennial Hall. I’m glad our paths continued to cross until our friendship and brotherhood was cemented in terms of “forever” and “always.” We are very fortunate to have the history and love we have.

Thinking about this makes me miss Cass, but if there is something after this life, she is probably laughing at me for missing her. Sentimental idiot, she would probably call me, and then flash those beautiful browns and that gorgeous smile. How could anyone stay mad at her? I certainly never could. She could laugh at me all she wanted. It was a great laugh.


The Zoo! So, I got to see an aardvark up close yesterday and she was named Lady. What a wonderful animal! I would have loved to have gotten a bit closer to her, but apparently she likes to hit ya in the balls, so we were not allowed to get super close. I also saw some porcupines up close and fed an elephant. I hope to get a few more backstage passes at the Zoo someday. What an amazing place. In another lifetime, I want to work with animals.

I’m sure having no sense of smell would be a plus when being a zookeeper, but it might also make it harder, too. Hindu, the elephant, was a gentle gal, too. Apparently she is quite fond of Chudi, the rhino, and sometimes when they are resting at night, Hindu puts her trunk on Chudi. Hopefully that warms your heart as much as it warms mine. Visit the Zoo.


When the time came for Greg and Jenny to arrive, Paul thought Marcy looked nervous. Secretly, it made him giddy, but over the couple of days that had passed since they decided that the bet would be something simple. They had agreed that they had overshot a bit with their stakes and settled on something more feasible.

If Marcy was able to convince her friends to watch the movie, Paul would go through his tools and get rid of anything he had more than two of in his collection. This was a point of contention for them as Paul was a bit of a tool hoarder. If she was unsuccessful, she would go through books and trade in anything she knew she would either never read or never read again.

This was agreeable to both, but the competitive side of Marcy was firing on all cylinders. She wanted those tools sorted and gone and she wanted something more, too. She had been pondering it all week and realized something that she hadn’t figured out before. She liked talking people into things. It was like the thrill of the hunt.

Was that why she was nervous, she wondered. Was this the first time she acknowledged the hunt? Seemed like a strange thing to be thinking about when she was chopping mushrooms.


See you tomorrow.

Happy birthday old man!

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