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Entry date: 5-12-2023 - Well, Crap - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I didn't watch. I did check the score a lot and I kick myself for not slipping out and listening to just a little more of Al McCoy. That's my biggest regret about last night.

Al McCoy was the Suns. When I think of them, I hear his voice. We were very lucky to have him for so long. If the new owner can find a way to bring a championship, please let it happen while Al's still alive.

I was not surprised, obviously, by what happened, although I'm guessing it would have felt a lot like the end of last year to be watching. Except....this year I expected them to lose to their opponent. The sting of the loss is not as bad.

I think I felt the grief of another dead season (only champions live forever, right?) last week.

There is always hope, of course. I hoped Durant would be dominant. I hoped Booker would continue to be super human. I hoped and prayed but those were as successful as a politician's Hope and prayers and we know how successful those are, yes?

Maybe next year.


DJ-ing was fun as always. Got a few props for the mood I was setting. That always feels good. Played some cool stuff that the crowd seemed to enjoy and each of the acts were reall entertaining.

One of the best things though was the vibe of the crowd. Everyone we met was a very friendly. The staff at Rhythm Room were rad, too, as well as Katie Mae, Tyller Gummersall & band, and Brea Burns. Didn't really get to talk to Brea's band, the Boleros, but they are rippers.

In my opinion, they all play country music the right way. I don't think I could write a country song if my life depended on it, but each of the performers from last sure can. Good stuff from all of them and y'all missed out.


Today should be interesting. A teacher from my school passed away Wednesday night. I never got to meet him due to his long battle with stomach cancer, but he was pretty well loved in our small community. We also share the same last name, just different spellings.

As word spreads, I assume at least one of my kids will cry today or think it was me that died before they get to class this morning. I'm sure there will be hugs galore today.

I wish I could have met him. After school we gathered in the library and I heard teachers tell stories about him. It was very touching.

My mom messaged me yesterday and told me that my Granny is fading fast. I hope I get to see her one more time, at least. This weekend, for sure, or maybe today.

I am at peace with her inevitable transition but it will be hard. I will probably have a lot to say about her at some point. I love her so.

Peace to everyone today.

See you tomorrow.

Some wallpaper I saw. Swingers...

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