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Entry date: 5-14-2023 - Happy Mom's Day (and a slightly bitter aside) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. It is not easy being a parent and, in our country, it’s even less easy being a mom. No need to get all political today, but damn if I’m not glad to be a man sometimes, although I am happy to shoulder my share of the burden of making the world a safer and better place for women.

We had a nice, if not subdued, celebration yesterday for Skylar. Subdued because my daughter’s now former fiancée left unexpectedly this weekend after taking a huge dump on my daughter’s life. I’m very happy to be rid of her, to be honest, but I know it hurts Sky and Elise so much. I wish I could take the hurt away, but I do believe with my whole heart that this is definitely a time when addition by subtraction is occurring.

While it was a bit sad, the energy in their house was also way better than I have felt it being previously. Elise’s ex has a lot of very serious issues to deal with and I hope she doesn’t end up going down a terrible path in her decision making, for her parents’ sake and for her, but what she was bringing to the table was not good for any of us. All we tried to do, though, was accept her and help her how we could. For now, though, I hope she stays far, far away from us all.

Some people don’t deserve Mother’s Day.

I’m sad, too, because my favorite mother (other than the two I have and my Granny), Rhondi, is about to head east with her dad. I’m not a fan of this arrangement, very much, on days like today, even though I would never begrudge any time that Rhondi can spend with her dad. We’ve done this separation two years in a row now, though, with this being the third and it has made our bond stronger each time.

Right now, I’m sitting in our room alone writing and I have to remind myself that this okay. She will be 3000 miles away soon, but I can call her anytime before about 6pm Phoenix time. The nights are the toughest, but I plan on staying busy. I have a ton of writing to do and to teenagers to drive around. The next six weeks we are apart will go by pretty quick and soon we’ll be on the road to seeing her and Doug and Oliver (the cat).


I’m going to focus on being a good hubby for the rest of the day.

See you tomorrow.

Who the heck is this guy?

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