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Entry Date: 5-24-2023 – The Day is Nigh – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Last night I got the best burrito from Tacos Chiwas. It was almost as good as the company, but with two elements missing, of course. Our little group was down a few as two wives were MIA. Mine, of course, in May, and Renee doing a work thing. The rest of us enjoyed ourselves and it was nice to be among friends enjoying delicious food.

Prior to getting a little relaxation and dinner going, the school day was crazy, so I needed a bit of a break. We’re all ready to say goodbye on one level, but on another, we’re afraid. There is a part of teaching that means you open your heart to these children for a long time and it sucks to let them go. I’m afraid of what they face next year and afraid of what some of them face at home with no outlet for a few months.

You can’t worry about that stuff too much, though, but it is always there. I’m already excited to meet next year’s class, but I will miss many of my students greatly. At least it feels that way now. I can’t say that I’ve thought about my students from last year too much over the past 12 months, but I do wonder about them sometimes. By this time next year, I’ll probably have a hard time picturing some of my current student’s faces.

Life is full of surprises, though.

So happy Wednesday to you. I’m going to be doing a dance later for a bunch of fourth graders and their families. It’s to a song about Gummy Bears. There will be no video. 😊

See you tomorrow if I survive the dance.

If I posted this before, I apologize, but it was a fun night.

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