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Entry date: 5-27-22 - Goats and Pool Safety - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Recently I wrote a couple of stories for NewsBreak, which is a side hustle I do, about two vary diverse topics and it got me thinking about a few things. Some of you are probably sitting there (or standing) right now going, that’s pretty common for you. I realize I’m always thinking about something and then writing about it. You must do that if you are going to write 1000 words per day.

One article, and this is not a lie, was about an upcoming Goat show that is happening in Casa Grande this coming weekend. I’ve never really thought about goats too much. Sure, I see them on my morning walks as there is the small farm across from Palo Verde golf course on 15th avenue that I pass each day. You’ve probably seen it if you’re familiar with the Valley. They have goats there.

Sometimes the goats seem to want to interact. There is a black one with a significant pair of horns on its head that wants to head butt the dogs so badly. He/she head butts the fence whenever we get to close. There is not a hint of kindness in this goat’s eyes as they (not sure how this goat identifies and do want to be respectful) do the butting.


Side note: I firmly believe that not only humans can be born in the wrong body, but I believe it applies to animals, too. I have been around far too many male and female cats and dogs, for example, that tend to behave more like the opposite gender, to believe that humans are the only species that might occasionally have something atypical happen inside their body. Wiring is wiring, for fuck’s sake, and anyone who has dealt with wiring knows that it is easy for it to be faulty.


Back to the goats…

So, I’m writing this piece about the goat show, and I realize that I find them oddly fascinating. I would never have thought that I would become a goat fan at my advanced yet still very young and vibrant age. I almost want to get involved in the Arizona State Goat Breeding Association. This is a real thing that before a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea existed. For one thing, the people I talked to were so nice and it seems like they have a very caring community. My interview subject made it a point to tell me this on several occasions.

The community, though, is not the most fascinating thing. Apparently, goats have a ton of personality and are quite mischievous. I suppose my frequent trips to the petting zoo at the Phoenix Zoo when the kids were younger should have sparked this interest or been something I would have noticed more, but alas, it did not. I learned, however, that LaMancha goats are very crafty and quite good at opening the latches on their pens. I would have never known this if writing didn’t take me down the path.

It's always a treat when I get to talk to people about their passions and it inspires me to learn more. Often, the article I intended to write before I have the discussion goes completely out the window and I zig when I planned to zag. Many of the musicians I have talked to have steered me in musical directions I didn’t think I would like, for example, and this is a really wonderful gift they may not even realize they are giving.

It's always a treat to talk to musicians who are huge music fans. Not all of them are, which might be surprising. I don’t even ask questions, usually, about influences because if somebody wants to share that, they will no matter what you ask. One of the biggest music fans I’ve ever talked was a very polarizing figure that many of you probably loathe. I believe he would have talked about music for hours if I would have been able to keep talking. I’m guessing he’s shot a few goats in his day.

Shortly after the goat story, I worked on a short piece about the laws regarding pool fences and the terribly sad stories surrounding this issue. As a parent, this was tough. The scariest thing to me is something happening to one of the kids or any kid in my life. I have a lot of kids I love and care about and the idea of losing one of them is the worst possible thing to think about in this lifetime.

I found myself dwelling on this issue for a bit and hoping that my article will help save even one life. I guess that’s one of the reasons I love my day job. I feel like I have a role in shaping young lives and hope that role helps them make better decisions. Better decisions mean a longer life, I think, at least a lot of the time. As I’ve mentioned, there are times when I wish, as I work in my classroom, that I could just zap a little snot monster with some laser eyes, but maybe just setting the eyes to stun instead would be better than making them melt.

I’d hate to have to clean up that mess and their parents would probably be heartbroken.

Writing about water safety didn’t make me want to swim more or even swim less but it made me want to write more about things that help people really live. We all need to live our best lives. I truly believe this, and I struggle with this belief because it is also so easy to overlook when things are tough.

Goats don’t give a fuck about things being tough, but dead folks probably would love to give a fuck about just about anything, I’m guessing. I’m not sure what my point is there, but it felt good to write it and for me, that’s living a good portion of my best life.


Laser Eyes.

Helping people be their best.



All good stuff.

See you tomorrow.

The goat from my morning walks looking happy.

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Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts
27 de mai. de 2022

I've never shot a goat.

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