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Entry date: 5-29-2023 – Memorial Day Again – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

What am I remembering today? I’m sitting here, ensconced in air conditioning, remembering to be thankful for those who have made this all possible. I’m sentimental, of course. I like to have keepsakes and as I think of those who are gone who sacrificed so that I may have the life I have, I am grateful that I have something of theirs to remember them by, even if it is just DNA.

My granny is getting ready to move into a small group home so that she can get the care she needs. I’m happy she is relenting and I’m happy she is ready to get help. Part of this, though, this news also came with my mom telling me that Granny would like for us to go through her house and choose things we would want to remember her by when she is gone.

This is the pill to swallow for us all, right? Someday I will have the same conversation with my kids. I will tell them to take what they want and give the rest away or throw it away or burn it. Stuff can’t go with us and stuff is just stuff. A memorial should be a celebration.

Today I celebrate being alive and being able to remember the people I want to remember. At some point this week, I will go over and see if there is anything that would make me feel better about the day that Granny is gone. Something for me to hold onto that will symbolize at least a little bit of what she has meant to me.

Today I celebrate, though.


Said goodbye to two more of my favorite recent series this morning. I watched the series finales of Succession and Barry. I thought both finales were fitting and will miss watching those performances each week. Everyone who was part of both shows should be proud. They were very different endings yet I felt like they both hit on the right notes.

In addition to the series finales, I enjoyed the season finale of Somebody, Somewhere. What a cool show that continues to be. I so hope it doesn’t get cancelled. My guess is that HBO or Max or whatever it will be called by next year will give it one more season. It’s not for everyone, and that’s probably what I love about it. If you haven’t tried it, you should, but go in without any expectations. It’s funny and sad and about struggle and depression and things that all of us can latch onto and feel.


Summer school starts tomorrow. I am excited about it.

See you then.

Chicago has the best architecture.

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