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Entry date: 5-30-2023 – Thoughts about This and That – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Adventure is a strange word.

I don’t know why that sentence seemed like a good idea a few minutes, but I wrote it and then sat there (here or wherever the hell I am at the moment) and stared at it. Letting the words just flow usually works out pretty well for me, but sometimes, I write something and I have no idea where to go with it.

It is weird, though, right? Adventure? The concept of an adventure in this day and age seems so, well, just odd. There is so much temptation, at least for me, to examine all aspects of decision making. The other day, the film Romancing The Stone came up in conversation. What a fun movie that was and it was a really great adventure story.

It couldn’t happen now, though. Joan Wilder would be on the internet in two seconds learning everything she could about where she was going and how to avoid all the pitfalls she and Michael Douglas’ character faced. I can’t remember the name they gave him at the moment, but you get my drift. My version of adventure is a lot tamer and I do like it that way, really I do.

A little excitement is nice sometimes, but not too much. Nothing unexpected should occur that isn’t pleasant. It’s the American way now, I think. Let’s ease into things and pretend the bad stuff isn’t happening when it comes time for an “adventure.”

Today’s adventure is summer school and beginning the job of transforming my classroom into the 2023/2024 version. I have an idea, a vision if you will, of what I want it to be. I’m excited about both things. I get to really concentrate on one subject for the next few weeks and it will be cool to immerse myself in it.

As a fourth-grade teacher, I am covering three or four subjects every day at different levels of depth, so it will be good to really dial in the one that is most challenging to me this summer. Reading comprehension is so important and for the rest of these student’s school careers, they are going to be expected to read, understand, and synthesize what they have learned into thoughts of their own. I’m stoked to be a part of building this base with them over the next four weeks.

Happy Tuesday, everyone, and a happy belated birthday to my friend, Jay. I hope he had a good one.

See you tomorrow.

This was Puff. A fine beast and excellent host. Forgot I had this picture.

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