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Entry date: 5-31-2023 – Random Thoughts part 245 – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I’m still adjusting to my new schedule. I was planning on blogging this morning so that it would be published sorta close to my usual 6AM time, but I got sidetracked. One of Teresa’s rats escaped while I was getting ready to take a shower and that threw me off.

I know it happened then because I heard the slight crash of the food holder as it popped (or was pushed) off the side of their cage. I didn’t think anything about it at first because our cats are always messing with something and figured it was just a cat knocking something over in the house. Intuition, though, told me to look in on the rats as I went to the bathroom to shower, and I only saw one rat peering back at me.

Sure enough, Lettuce was gone. At least I think it was Lettuce. Teresa thinks it was Lettuce, too. He and the other one, Be, look very much alike. As I type, I can hear Teresa looking for him. Where could he be?

I keep asking Bailey if she ate him today while I was at school. She looks pretty guilty. I don’t think Luna would have eaten him and he’d be a pretty big task for any of the cats to take down without making a bloody mess. Hopefully he pops up sooner than later. I’d hate to think of the little guy starving to death somewhere in the house.


Day two of summer school was much easier than day one and day one was not hard at all. I had a few more kids in my class and they are a good group. We are reading Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, and I’d forgotten how great that book is after all these years. They seem to be really enjoying it as well.

There are so many great children’s books and a ton of really mediocre ones, too. It’s funny how certain books stand the test of time and others, not so much. I was a big fan of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle when I was a kid but when I tried to read on to Liam and Teresa years ago, I just couldn’t believe how much I thought it sucked.

I would love to think we could get through two novels over these four weeks, but I’m guessing we would be cutting it way too close on finishing book two. Next year, though, my new students will get a different book each quarter and maybe two in the fourth quarter. Goals!!!


I am still loving my disconnect from the sports world. I will probably watch some of the NBA Finals, but if I miss it, I won’t care. I guess I expect Denver to win, but only an idiot would actively bet against the Miami Heat right now. I just don’t think those guys will have anything left in the tank after going seven games against the Celtics.


Since I haven’t been listening to Sports Talk Radio, I’ve been listening to a lot of music. It was a Sex day the last few days. I listened to the one and only Sex Stains record and then Never Mind the Bollocks by the Sex Pistols. Both of those records get my engine going pretty good.

Sex Stains were fronted by my charming acquaintance, Allison, who was also in one of my favorite bands from the 90s, Bratmobile. She’s been in other projects, of course, but I really love the Sex Stains stuff. The guitar work is killer on the record and there is a vibe happening there that is just plain ol’ fun. I highly recommend checking it out. In fact, I’ll make a playlist today.

As far as the Sex Pistols classic record, I am just in awe that I can listen to it some forty years after hearing it for the first time and still get the chills from it. There are moments on there that just define what it is to me to throw your music out into the wind and have it come back and splatter all over your own face.

Eww. That got a little more sexual than I intended.

See you tomorrow.

The good reverend....

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I'll never understand supposed fans of what we typically refer to as "good music" rag on the Sex Pistols, calling them "manufactured," a "boy band," not "real punk," whatever. I agree with you that Bollocks still sounds thrilling and dangerous 40+ years later.

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