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Entry date: 5-5-2022 - Random de Mayo - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

A couple of random things before I get back into the story of joining the army.


We took Teresa to see Bikini Kill on Monday. I was thinking how I wish my parents would have taken me to see cool shows like that when I was 15. Of course, I started going to shows on my own at 15 and my parents did take me to see The Knack (Dad), Adam Ant/INXS (Dad), and Joan Jett (Mom), so those are pretty good. As a young kid, I didn’t really have an idea of what live music was like or how much of it there was to go and see and hear.

I reviewed the show on the review page, but I didn’t really delve into how scared I was that Teresa may have been the one being groped. As a dad of daughters (and sons, too), the idiots out there in the world who would think nothing of feeling up a teenage girl need to get smacked. I had some pretty ugly thoughts going through my head at the show and I hate feeling that way as I know that violence only perpetuates problems and doesn’t actually solve them.

I would have loved to have seen Teresa enjoying herself, though. She was off with her friend, MJ, and I’m glad they were up front, even though there was that groping BS. MJ is as brave as they get, though, and will always have my full support. I just would do anything to stop what happened from happening.

But you can’t stop your kids from going out there and living life. You can talk to them openly about what consequences decisions can have, listen to them and understand their ideas and goals and sometimes not great decision making, and be there to pick them up, dust them off, and just fucking love them. My two youngest kids are at an age where there are going to be in tough situations, but they have good heads on their shoulders and know that their mom and I are there for them.


It’s still nice to get to Tucson from time to time.


I have some new story ideas. One is about a bakery called Rye’s Above. It was opened by a couple of huge Black Flag fans who also tend to be amazing bakers.

Another is one that my buddy, Tom, and I came up with as we were walking the other morning. It has to do with the idea of quantum physics and parallel universes. Basically, there is a reality out there where when they get hurt, they transfer their pain to their counterpart in another reality. This explains those weird phantoms pains we get sometimes that just disappear. I’m not sure where this story goes yet, but Tom did bring up the question of the ethics. Do these people in this reality know they are transferring their pain? If so, how do they justify it? What do they do to satisfy cosmic balance?


Happy Cinco de Mayo. I probably should have started with this but either way, I know this is a big day for a lot of people and an excuse for many more to drink margaritas and Dos Equis. I prefer Negra Modelo, but that’s me. I try to stay away from margaritas. Tequila + Me = wild man.


It’s testing time at school for the next few weeks. Most of my kids are showing real growth, but a few are not. It makes me sad and feel like I have failed them. Many of the kids who are not showing growth have a poor attitude toward school, but again, I feel like I have failed them. Teacher friends, what do you do about this? Please message me… I need your help.

Testing is going to be the better part of the next few weeks. By the time we are finished, I’ll only have a few weeks to review with the students, have some fun, and then say farewell. I can’t believe that June 10th will be the last time that I ever get to see or talk to some of these little souls that have been such a big part of my life for the past almost 10 months now.


On a related school note, it is Teacher Appreciation week. I got a candy bar from a student today. It looks so good I may have to break my candy rule. I also got a nice cup and a Suns lanyard. The cup came with some cool aviator sunglasses, too. I look like a cop when I wear them, and I like it. I think I mentioned once that in the early Casa days, the students thought I was an undercover police officer a lot.

We got tacos for lunch on Tuesday, too. They were pretty tasty. Nothing like a little food to make someone feel better about their job. I didn’t mention the cool pen I got on Tuesday, either. It has the name of our school mascot on it. I like things like this. I’ll probably hold onto it for a long time. That’s what I do. Mr. Sentimental.


I love that writing about those early visits to the military recruiters have not only jogged my memory, but also made a few things seem crystal clear. I was a colorful kid, senior year, mostly because of dyeing my hair a lot, so it made sense for the recruiter to take me places in my neighborhood where other kids might see him talking to me. Smart. Now I feel a tad used, but whatever. It would not be the easiest job to be a recruiter, I’m guessing.

I’m looking forward to telling the next chapter of the Army story. There is a wrinkle coming up that I will share tomorrow that is one that I still kick myself about when I look at some of the decisions I have made in my life. Two paths diverge and such.

See you tomorrow.

A blurry shot of Bikini Kill by me.

A little bit of music from the bands we saw on Monday...

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