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Entry date: 5-7-2023 - Sunday Rest - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

We are going to go do a little record shopping before taking Liam to work. The day started out with the ultimate tribute to laziness. I slept in and then laid in bed doing a whole lot of nothing. I liked it.

The Suns play in about 2 and a half hours. As I mentioned, I do have thoughts on Deandre Ayton. I think I have made it pretty clear here at Ergonomic Mischief that I have been a pretty staunch supporter of the guy. I drafted him early in his rookie season when I used to do fantasy basketball and I have remained pretty loyal to him ever since.

I don’t think I can, though, anymore.

The lack of effort and drive he showed in game three was just terrible. If someone is paying you $30 million dollars to play basketball, you had better be busting your ass every fucking night. Seriously. He makes a little less in a goddamn game than I make in a year, and he shows up and does that? Fuck that guy.

Right now, I wouldn’t piss on the guy if he was on fire.

If I was Monty Williams, I would have Ayton on the shortest possible leash today. At least Biyombo and Landale will give you everything they have while they are in there. If they would get a decent effort from Ayton, they would have won handily on Friday and I believe he could be the key to a nice win today.

Go Suns.

See you tomorrow.

I think I used this before, but it seems like a good thing for today. Ayton and Monty should be friends again.

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