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Entry date: 5-8-2023 - Is TV real? - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Another Monday. It’s off to a good start, too. Nice walk with the fellas around the neighborhood, exchanging pleasantries and such, and while I could have easily slept in, it is better to have walked.

The air is fucking full of pollen, though. My nose is actively reminding me that it can produce snot at prodigious levels when dared to do so. Claritin to the rescue soon, hopefully.

While I was watching the Suns game yesterday, I actually had a small amount of faith restored in the team. They put together some pretty decent basketball and I saw a modicum of confidence in some of the bench guys. I also saw a more energized version of Deandre Ayton.

It was a “DominAyton”-type performance, but he did come out and set a pretty good tone by grabbing three offensive rebounds on the first possession of the game. Of course, he did follow that up with some pretty tentative shooting in the first half, but overall, he gave the team more yesterday than he did on Friday. They’ll need more from him tomorrow night, though, if they are going to steal game five.

Hopefully the Nuggets will not lose their starting center for a game for pushing the Suns owner in the heat of the moment during the game. It didn’t look like much of a shove to me, but after looking at a few different replays of the moment, I could see how the NBA could have a case for suspension. If they do, though, it adds the type of asterisk to the series that seems to plague the Suns.

My biggest fear is that it could galvanize the Nuggets, actually. I think they expected to come to Phoenix and get a game and then end it in five at home after the way the first two games went. The Suns allowed them to be somewhat close at the end of each game, too, but held them off and stole the momentum back. If Jokic is out, though, due to suspension, that could give the Nuggets a little swagger back.

Either way, the series isn’t ending without another dust up Jokic. The guy doesn’t like the Suns at all, it seems, and is a bit of a cheap shot artist. He’s the type of player you love to have on your team and hate to see on the other side. I’m guessing if the Suns end up winning tomorrow, Jokic gets a flagrant on someone in game six.

Other than that, it was a lazy Sunday (as mentioned in the short post yesterday) and it was nice. I watched Barry and Succession after the game and was left with a strange vibe from each of them. There was some good intensity in each show, but they were dark episodes. It sucks that both shows are coming to an end in a few weeks, but it’s also great to see shows end on a high note.

I still feel like, for example, that HBO’s Six Feet Under would have been a perfect show if it ended after one season. Those first ten or twelve episodes were just about flawless. Sure, there were nice moments as the series went on, but it was never as good as it was that first season again. I may need to go back and re-watch it again. I’m sure I will eventually.

The Pixies are playing tonight. I’m going to take Teresa and Rhondi down so they can see them. I think they will like it. Neither have seen the band before and I’ve seen them three or four times, so I’m happy to let them have the experience together. I wrote a piece for the New Times that I’m not sure is going to get used. I feel like it is a mistake if they don’t run it. If they don’t, I’ll post it here.

See you tomorrow.

I really can't wait to get back to writing Rye's Above.

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