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Entry date: 5-9-2023 - Happy Birthday Sky part two (and random thoughts) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

It’s Skylar’s birthday again. I’m bummed I will not see her today but hopefully we will get to see her tomorrow. 9 years old and ready to take over the world. It’s interesting to see how she is growing up and becoming more independent. She still loves her Papa, but I think she is getting out of that stage where she wants to be by my side the whole time we are together.

I love being a grandfather. I also kind of love that she will always be the oldest grandchild by a fair amount and can look after her cousins that will come after her. I don’t know why, but it seems like the role she is meant to play in life is protector. Maybe because she is fierce and passionate and that’s the kind of person you want on your side when life is kickin’ you in the balls.

Yesterday was a productive day. I had a good, yet long, workday and then I got some stuff done on the writing front that felt good to get done. Set up a few interviews and got a lovely note from the Pixies publicist about a piece I had fun writing. Rhondi and Teresa enjoyed the show a lot, too, so that felt good as well.

I still find myself muttering little things to my friend, Patrick, who died last week. It’s strange how you realize things when someone is gone that you didn’t realize while they were still here. Even though Patrick and I were not super close, we were in contact a lot over the last five years in one form or another.

For example, I love playing Scrabble. There is an app that I used every day for a few years, and he used it, too. We would play a lot of games of Scrabble, and he would kick the snot out of me 9 out of 10 times. Boy, I sure did used to get excited about games we would have that were close. He was a very good player and I shall miss the challenge. I don’t think I gave him enough of a challenge, but he certainly was that for me.

I almost went on Scrabble yesterday just to see if our messages back and forth were still there. I hope they are. I stopped playing everyday months after he seemed to stop. The ads on the site were just too much. It’s not bad if you need the occasional Scrabble fix, but as the pandemic went on, there were just more and more and more ads and I didn’t think it was worth it to pay for the ad free version.

I feel like the Suns need to win tonight. I don’t want it to go seven games, although I will take that as the alternative to them losing two in a row and being done. If the bench can play as well as they did in game four, they have a real shot to go up to Denver and keep the momentum going. It looks like LA is going to close out Golden State sooner than later, so no need to give those rat bastards a lengthy rest before a potential match up with the Suns.

Here’s to a wonderful Tuesday. Happy birthday, Sky. Papa loves you very much and hopes you have the best day ever.

See you tomorrow.

She's the best.

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