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Entry date: 6-11-2023 – Par* - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Started off today by talking to Rhondi and then going to play some golf. It was a lot of fun, as usual. We have been having some unusually nice weather in Phoenix as of late, so it has been fun to get some extra golf in while the courses are cheap.

Since I have been using the 😊 scoring system, I’ve continued to enjoy the game more. Smiley face for a par and a frowning face ☹ for a double bogey or worse. Today I had a lot of double bogeys, but nothing worse. I use the smirk (two eyes and a straight line) for bogeys. I also reserve the right to up any hole to a smiley face if I had a great shot during the hole.

It’s not like I don’t have an idea of what my score is at the end of the round because I do. The main thing, though, is that scoring in this manner is just a lot more fun and fun is what it is supposed to be about. Golf is weird, though, like many of the other things I do for fun, and I measure myself against the competition.

I worry a lot about being judged or doing the judging, too. The older I get, the more I let go of that stuff and just celebrate victories, my own or those of others, and commiserate with failure, my own and that of others. Life is just a lot better that way.

On the last two holes I hit some nice drives that I’ll celebrate in my head until the next round. I like those two holes a lot because you can really just let the ball fly. I know better than to attempt to hit the ball too hard. It needs to be a nice, smooth, consistent swing, this golf thing, but I am not very smooth or consistent. Not yet at least.

Johnny, Teresa, and I enjoyed a fun round, though, and when we ended at noon, it was still just warm outside and not hot at all. We said a heartfelt farewell and I headed to pick up my daughter, Teresa, from a sleepover and then we went to the store and got some supplies for dinners this week. Looks like some pasta and some hamburgers are on our horizon.

Saturday night was a lot of fun, too. Skylar and I had a little Papa/Boogie date night. We had some dinner, picked up Teresa from work, and then went to see the Phoenix Rising after we dropped Teresa off at her slumber party. I am definitely a new fan of the Rising and look forward to hitting another match. I like to watch soccer a lot and the atmosphere in the funky little portable stadium is pretty darn cool. There didn’t seem to be any attitudes there; just a bunch of people enjoying an unseasonably cool night watching some soccer. Most importantly, Skylar had a good time, and it didn’t break the bank.

After taking Sky home, I stopped by Chopper John’s for a bit while I waited for Liam to text that he was done with work. I was just in time to watch about five songs by Fat Gray Cat before I got summoned. I love watching Michael P. do his thing fronting the band and he and the boys were in fine form last night. It was also nice to see Rob and Tara and Beau and Mackenzie. Being in Choppers for about twenty minutes was just perfect, although Fat Gray Cat was sounding so good that I would have liked to have seen the whole set.


The coming week is full of tasks to get ready for the road trip. There will be time to write, though, and for that I am grateful. The juices are flowing.

See you tomorrow.

The first tee shot went in the water. The next one, though, was pretty darn sweet.

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