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Entry date: 6-16-2023 – Random Thoughts on Friday, late afternoon – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Another birthday for Granny. 97 today, as she was born in 1916, and while I’m glad that she is still here to celebrate, for her sake, I kind of hope I’ll be writing something different a year from now.

I went to see her today and it was a bit shocking. I knew that she wasn’t going to look great as my mom has shared with me that it might be a little strange to see her this way, but it was still very, very good to see her and get to sit and hold her hand for a while.

We had a good conversation and I’m very happy she is starting to allow people to help her a bit. Before I headed over, I asked my mom if there was any little treat, I could bring her to brighten her day and I was surprised to find out that Granny wanted some Neapolitan ice cream. I was very happy to run to the store on my way over and grab some for her.

Who would have thought that Neapolitan ice cream could make a 97-year-old so happy, but it certainly did. I’m guessing she will be enjoying some pretty soon as it is about 5:30pm as I am writing this. I wish I could see her face when she has the first bite.

She did ask me to bring the kids by before I leave for Maine, so I will get to see her again if she is feeling up to it, before we go. I hope, for my sake, I will get to see her again when I return, but for her sake, I hope she gets another wish she shared with me today. While I was there, she told me that she hopes that one of these upcoming mornings when she wakes up, it will be to the sound of angels singing. I told her I thought that would be beautiful and that seemed to please her.


I got some errands done this morning before taking Bailey to the vet for her checkup. I really like Dr. Jenkins at AltaVista Animal Hospital on 7th Avenue. He’s just a kind person and he takes the time to listen, which is a really good thing if you’re a doctor. I’ve had too many experiences with people and animal doctors who had forgotten what the ears are for to count, so finding Dr. J was a treat.

I am happy to report that Bailey is doing great, health-wise, and he enjoyed hearing about how she started her life with us. It’s amazing how far she has come and how comfortable she was at AltaVista today. Rhondi really deserves a lot of credit for Bailey becoming the fine beast that she is now. Those of you who met Bailey early on can testify to that.


We played a fun round of golf at Palo Verde yesterday. It made me think of a story/book title: Teachers Play Golf in the Summer. Maybe it is a song title, too, I don’t know. Seems like a good title for a punk rock song about how teachers are underpaid.

My dad, Rick, and I traversed the 9 holes and had a fun time. I had a few rough experiences while attempting to hit a drive, but once I got my brain under control, I had some good shots. Playing a lot helps my game become more consistent (Go figure!) and I feel like I might be able to improve my game quite a bit if I can keep it up. I’ll definitely play a couple times in Maine and those courses are fun, so I’ll keep my mojo going.

After golf, I had some dinner and passed out watching crack TV. I slept hard, too, and had some wild dreams. Could have been the pasta I had for dinner or just the day itself. Summer school was fun yesterday and I’m going to miss seeing the kids while I am gone. I hope a few of them come visit me next year.


I feel like there was something else I wanted to write about today. Who knows, though?

See you tomorrow.

Today at the vet. She looks excited, doesn't she?

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