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Entry date: 6-17-2023 – Saturday in the Park, I think it was June 17th – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

It’s nice to be productive. I could bore you with the list of accomplishments I have already undertaken this morning, but I will not. Just know that I have already been busy and it’s only 10:15AM. The day is still young.

Preparations have begun in earnest for departure. I am getting excited, of course, but I also feel like I will be missing out on good things at home. It’s been so fun to watch my children begin to find their way that even missing a month of that brings out the little jealousies and anxieties that come from travel and the bottom line is that I will miss Teresa tremendously while we are gone.

I know she is in good hands with Ash and her grandparents will be checking in on her. It’s nice to know that her aunts and uncles from other mothers have her back, too, and I don’t have worries. I just know I will miss her face and her take on life and her ever changing attitudes about things.

In a blink, though, I will be back. Sweating in the summer sun and getting back to work. A new school year looms on my mind heavily. I love that I get to teach the same grade in the same room again. This is a new thing for me in my career. I’ve always had something new to look forward to every year, but this year it will really only be the new students. I can settle in and make fourth grade my bitch, haha.

I hate that phrase, actually. Why would you want to make anything or anyone your bitch? I’m a little disappointed in myself for even using it with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Somehow, though, I am sure it will make it’s way into something I write again.

This afternoon will be somewhat busy, too. I’m going to make some ribs later, but first I am going to check out an anniversary party for one of my favorite local breweries and do a bit more prep work. I am officially in hunter/gatherer mode.

While running a few errands this morning, I was listening to one of the records Jello Biafra made with the Melvins. I know that some people don’t like the guy, but I tend to think Biafra is one of the best all-time lyricists in rock and roll. He just gets it (or me, maybe) and always has a thoughtful yet clever turn of phrase around every verse and chorus.

The older I get, the more baffled I am when it comes to writing lyrics. It used to come so easily to me but anymore, it’s a challenge. I have a hard time knowing when something is done and I constantly judge new things against old things, as well as comparing them to other people’s work. This is a dangerous thing, I know.

I did have a break through, though, this morning on where to go with “The Bet.” I’m thinking about getting it going again and really making it my bitch.

Damn it. There I go again. Happy Saturday to all. Get some shit done or, if you are so inclined, do nothing.

See you tomorrow.

More work from the ol' Paint program. This is probably from 2010 or so.

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