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Entry date: 6-20-2023 – What Do I Need to Do Today? – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

After four days off, it’s back to work I go and I have no plan for the day. We have three days of summer school left and just like in the regular school year, the kids know they don’t really have to do anything. It’s a good crop of kids, so I’m not worried about anyone being disruptive, but I will have to be somewhat entertaining today.

I have reading for them to do, of course, and I’ll share a good story with them, but that’s about it. I was fired up to get my classroom in order and such, but my enthusiasm for this task has waned. I’m ready to get on the road.

I’ve only got a few things to do before I head out and I’m glad of that. All the major errands are done. It’s just a matter of making sure the boys are comfortable and ready to go as well. I think we’ll be a good team on the road.

Teresa took me to see The Flash yesterday for a Father’s Day treat. It was a fun movie and we both enjoyed it. Personally, I have never read a Flash comic, so I’m not sure how true or not it stayed to the comic books, but I would recommend it to superhero fans. If you’re not a super hero fan, though, don’t go. Well, you might want to go if you’re a Michael Keaton fan. He’s solid, as always.

I think Michael Keaton is awesome. I just need to put that out there. From Night Shift on, he’s just solid. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a role where I didn’t, at very least, enjoy his performance. He’s a key player in The Flash and he might have made the film, to be honest.

It’s kind of sad to me that there probably will not be a lot more roles for Ezra Miller in the future, but maybe he can get the help he needs and overcome being basically cancelled at some point. I don’t condone a lot of what I’ve read about with regards to his behavior in his personal life, but I do enjoy him on the screen. It’s the whole Art/Artist conundrum again.

It was also nice to see my ol’ buddy Kim’s name on the credits as music supervisor. What a treat that was to see and it’s always good to see someone from your past make good. Kim and I were not close friends, but she was in my orbit and well loved by people I love, too.

Side note: I can’t prove it, but one night at a party at my friend Emily’s house in 1986 or so, I think Kim might have taken advantage of someone turning the light off in the room a bunch of us were hanging out in and grabbed my junk. High school antics…good lord, but like I said, I can’t prove it. Could have been any number of people with small hands who were sitting near me. There was a sly grin on her face when the light came on. Alcohol was involved.

Finally finished the first two episodes of Righteous Gemstones last night, too. Holy hell is that show funny. I hope it doesn’t end with this season, but if it does, it is definitely going out with a bang. Danny McBride is a funny fucker.

On that note, time to go to work. These kids aren’t going to teach themselves.

See you tomorrow.

Myself and some of the people I love the most in the world. Just missing a few people, but you know who you are. Picture taken back in January before the Unsane show.

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