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Entry date: 6-26-2023 – Travel day 3 – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Last night we got to Erie twenty minutes too late, but it was worth it. We stopped in Mansfield, OH to see my buddy, Micah, and we had a lovely visit. The only thing it cost us was paying too much for decent food. We got a pizza instead, and it was pretty decent.

This is exciting stuff, right?

Seeing Micah was great, but it is also tough going through Cleveland now without stopping and seeing some family. I like this area of the country very much. It’s pretty and has the comfortable feeling of home. Nature is some wild stuff.

We started the day yesterday in Highland, Illinois, and scampered through the southern parts of Illinois and Indiana and went into Ohio by midday. We did stop in Indianapolis for some Starbucks. Liam got a Pink Drink, which I have to admit I love, and I had a little coffee. It’s necessary when driving across the country.

Southern Illinois and Indiana is pretty country, and it gets a bit greener and hillier as you go across to Ohio. One thing I have noticed, though, is the absence of Trump signs compared to previous years. I can count the Trump signs I’ve seen on one hand. In the past couple of years, even, that wouldn’t have been possible before getting Arizona.

That’s really interesting. It says a lot about how much the fanbase has gone underground. I’m not going to say they have turned on him because they haven’t. They doubled down on him two years ago after Jan. 6. What the smart ones have probably figured out is to lay low. Don’t taunt the confident liberals who won’t see it coming when they rise back up with their guns and, in most cases, ignorance.

Still, though. It’s nice to be able to see the pretty countryside without so many of those stupid signs.


I’m beat up, but ready to soldier on today. Niagara Falls awaits and we will be ready. After that, we haead to my buddy’s farm near the NY/Massachusetts border. It’ll be an easy day in comparison.

Have a great Monday.

See you tomorrow.

Wild to be back in Erie visiting Uncle Henry.

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David Lathrop
David Lathrop
Jun 26, 2023

ambitious lawn ornamenting...

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