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Entry date: 6-27-2023 - Last Leg (travel part 5) - Letters to my Friends

Dear Friends,


So. Much. Rain.

This seems overly dramatic, but it's true for desert rats. We got wet yesterday, except when we didn't. The skies opened up quite a bit, though, making the drive across New York from Niagara Falls to Hillsdale beautiful and challenging.

On the way to the Falls from Erie we got some rain, but not a lot. I asked, out loud and in front of two witnesses, for it to stop for at least half an hour so we could see the spectacle and stay relatively dry and it did. The sky cleared up almost immediately.

We found some cheap parking and got to see the sights for an hour. As we left, we saw some terrifically ominous clouds coming and we raced across New York, but we couldn't dodge them for long. For four of the next five hours, we got rained on pretty steadily.

Even people in other states drive like shit in the rain.

We got to Jay and Todd's in one piece and got into the house quickly. Bailey is not a fan of rain, so she made two new friends and made herself super comfy.

It was so great to see the guys. We had fun catching up, had a great dinner, and enjoyed their beautiful home. I'll elaborate more in the next couple of days after I rest up.

This morning we are off the Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and finally, Maine. It feels very good to write those names. Fourteen states in five days. Whew.

See you tomorrow.

The travelers.

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David Lathrop
David Lathrop
28 de jun. de 2023

Are Liam and Q keeping track of the total stats they have steeped foot in?

David Lathrop
David Lathrop
29 de jun. de 2023
Respondendo a

and what is your lifetime total?

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