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Entry date: 6-28-2023 - Arrival - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Whew. The journey has concluded, at least for now. I don't even want to see a car today, but I have to go into town. The boys are getting restless already and want to DO something.

I would like to lay around and maybe try out my new hammock. Possibly write a little fiction, too, and maybe practice my golf swing, but most of all, just soak it up.

It was so good to see New England yesterday.

As much as I love Phoenix and my people there, this is my second home. I was happy to the family up here and was treated to a wonderful meal and great conversation on the deck. Sleep came really easily.

The boys and I will run into town soon, I think. Provisions need to be secured and it will be fun to show Q around. Liam is chomping at the bit to see what, if any, changes have come to Rangeley. I'm curious, too.

It's so good to breathe clean air. It's been raining a lot up here so things are damp and the clouds make a nice sun hat. I think the Maine folks are getting sick of the gray skies, but I kind of hope they stick around for a few more days. I like them.

Most importantly, though, the dog is happy. To see the pure joy on her little face when we got here makes all the sore muscles and tired eyes worth it. She literally jumped for joy.

See you tomorrow.

Photo by Tod.

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