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Entry date: 6-8-2024 – Time is Elastic – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,


Yesterday I was driving down Camelback road at 9:51AM marveling at all I had accomplished in a short period of time. Time is elastic, sometimes, and it can act like a slingshot. I felt like I was being propelled forward much faster than I would have ever anticipated.


I got to my EMG appointment a few minutes early (around 8:50AM) and got my paperwork filled out. At 9AM, I was being taken back to the exam room and the first part of the test started right away. It’s a pretty strange test.


EMG stands for electromyography and basically the technician shocked me at different parts on my left arm for about five minutes. Some of the spots were not fun at all, but the pain isn’t too bad. It’s just really weird. Your reflexes kick in and you have some spasms. I can imagine that it’s really odd when doing other parts of the body.


After the tech did her thing, the doctor came in within ten minutes, and poked me with some needles and had me use the different muscles in my arm to measure my resistance to different pressures he was applying. The machine makes a particularly interesting sound as you push against the doctor’s pressure.


The needles are really small, kind of like the needles used for acupuncture. You feel them for a second but that’s it. Tattoos are way more painful.


Almost as soon as I got there, I was done. I drove straight over to the emission checking facility on 23rd or 24th avenue just south of Peoria and within about ten minutes of being there, I was done with a passing emission test. Later in the day, I registered my car for another two years.


So, at 9:51, I was heading to Pit Stop Autocare to get an estimate on the damage done the week before last when Ashton backed into a truck that belongs to one of the guys working on our new patio. That was not as quick, but again, I was done and on my way to more errands. I was on a roll.


I figured, “What the heck!” Why not get some things done that I needed to get done so I can focus on tile for the next couple of days. I do have one other thing to accomplish today other than just tiling the bathroom, but that should only take a couple hours.




Time is elastic.

Bouncy time, bouncy fantastic.

The smile lasts a thousand years

Yet reminds you of just one moment.


Time is elastic.

Bouncy time, bounce on the static.

Touch my hand again, I dare you

So, I can live in that moment forever.

Touch my hand, I dare you

So, I can dream tonight.


Time is elastic.

Listen and I’ll tell you why.

Man made things sing because of their springs

And because you try.


Oh why? Oh my.


Oh why? Oh my.


Time is elastic.

Just like the middle layer of your skin.

Pinch, pull, bite

Tonight is the night.


Bare your teeth, dear Time.



When I met Ian Mackaye, I had no idea how much of an impact he had already made on the music world, nor the impact he would have on me. We were able to talk in a way that I felt like was just a couple of dudes talking. He was cool like that.


About a year before we (Religious Skid) opened for Fugazi, Mackaye partnered with Al Jourgensen of Ministry to make Pailhead. In 1988, they released Trait. It’s just six songs, but when I got it in 1990, I was stoked on it. Somebody had played “I Will Refuse” for me and that was it. I had to have the CD. It wasn’t until later that I got the EP on vinyl.


Anyway, you might think the pairing of Jourgensen and Mackaye would be an awkward one, but apparently, they got along like gangbusters from everything I’ve ever read about it. They seem to come from two different places when it comes to partying, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised the Mackaye didn’t give a shit about that. He didn’t care that we were partying when we played together.


“I Will Refuse” is kind of an anthemic song. Not to confuse it with the track called “Anthem” that is also on the EP.  It’s kind of big and burly and the combination Mackaye’s lead vocals and Jourgensen’s backing vocals is excellent. I also happen to love Paul Barker’s bass line on the song.


You know, when you hear the bass line, you know you are in for something that is going to go a bit above and beyond. Bill Rieflin’s drumbeat is ominous at first with just a kick drum and some ticking and tacking on the hi-hat. The anticipation just builds in the pit of your stomach and then, “Whammo,” the song takes off and never lets up.


The guitars are like a buzzsaw. As Mackaye shout/sings the lyrics over top of the guitars and Barker and Rieflin driving it home, it just fucking rules. Not to take anything away from the other five songs on the CD (the vinyl has just four songs total), “I Will Refuse” is just killer. If this was the only song they ever did together, Pailhead would still be at the top of my wish list for a live show to see.


Luckily, they did the half dozen songs. “Man Will Surrender” and “No Bunny” are both kick ass, too, as is “Anthem” and “Ballad.” Heck, even “Don’t Stand In Line” is great. All six tracks from the CD are well worth a listen.


On a bright note, Ministry played the Americana Ballroom in the early 90s and they played “I Will Refuse” that night. It was epic.




See you tomorrow.

I hope someone asks me what this picture is supposed to be. AI is at it again.

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