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Entry date: 7-10-2023 – What A Difference a Day Makes – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

The day has started off okay. Feeling better is a good thing. Stomach bullshit bye bye.

Yesterday I had an interesting interview with a Phoenix musician I have talked to before. His band has a new record coming out and they are doing a show this weekend at the Yucca to celebrate this accomplishment. I enjoyed our chat, and their record is really good. It helps that their bass player is one of my favorite local scene old friends. If I were in Phoenix on Saturday (well, Tempe), I would be at the show.

The conversation spent a little bit of time about self-promotion. I’ve touched on this before and I definitely struggle with it. It was pretty affirming to hear that others struggle with it as well. It’s not enough to form the band, write some songs, practice, do some shows, record the music, but you also must promote it. You have to tell people what you are doing.

I hate it.

Yes, you are reading a blog right now where I am talking about myself. You may be thinking that this is a bit suspect, but I struggle with this stuff. I hate saying, “Look at me!” I’d rather just do something that might get people’s attention and, more importantly, have it be something that people enjoy and get some entertainment from occasionally.

I was watching Eric Avery from Jane’s Addiction talk about how he has come to realize what an incredible gift he has been given by getting to make music for a living on such a large stage. He talked about how he now understands the privilege he enjoys in getting to help people feel some happiness and joy. I have gotten to do this on a small scale and even with this blog, it feels great to know that I have written something that might make some of you laugh or think or enjoy your day a bit more.

But I still ignore the pop up that shows up after I post each day asking if I want to share it on social media. I don’t know why other than that I don’t want to bother anyone. I know that is silly. I can only “bother” someone if they allow me to do so. Posting on social media that I’ve written a thing is just using a tool.

Maybe I’ll use the tool today. Who knows?

The thing is, though, is that there is so much cool stuff happening out there in the world that only a few people know about because the makers of the cool stuff don’t tell anyone. People are interesting. Musicians make cool music and poets write great poems and there are authors with a lot to say that aren’t being read because what they have written is on their computer or in their notebook and no one knows about it.

You could drive yourself insane thinking about it.


Just do the thing, man.

Follow the sun and moon today

And flow in the breeze.

People talk a lot

About the dreams of their youth

But rarely just do.

Talk is cool, sure.

But action is better, yes?

Do something today.


See you tomorrow.

My new friend, Ella. She is a ball addict. If there was a 12 step program for dogs who love tennis balls way too much, Ella would be a prime candidate. I think there is a funny New Yorker cartoon in there somewhere.

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