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Entry date: 7-13-2023 – Strawberry Festival (and The Bet) – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

The Aurora Borealis didn’t pan out. We did get some great stars up on the mountain, a few shooting stars, but no green glow. Oh well. We had a nice time with the cousins and watched a bizarre movie while we were waiting for the lights to show.

In the movie, which I think was on Prime, a son figures out that his dad, played by Dylan McDermott, is a serial killer. We had a good time breaking down the film and the behaviors depicted within it as we watched. We watched a little palette cleansing South Park before bed to wash our minds of the weird S/M murder stuff.

Ironically, one of the episodes we watched had to do with the parents in South Park being addicted to informative murder porn. The universe likes to let you know that it’s paying attention sometimes. I like that. I also love the concept of talking about all the murder mystery shows as “informative murder porn.” Too funny.


We are headed to the Strawberry Festival in Oquossoc today. Time for some super fresh strawberry shortcake, but we will not make the same mistake and buy strawberry bread this year. It was tasty, but it didn’t last very long. Hopefully the popcorn guy is back.


Billy was having the best day ever.

When he got to school, his teacher said he was “Student of the day” which meant that he was the line leader and got to make some of the decisions for the class. He loved being “student of the day.” It made him feel like he was about five inches taller.

During math, his friend Roderick slipped him a Pokemon card he had been looking for quite fervently for the last three years. Roderick just shrugged when Billy asked him how he found it, but in his excitement (and hurry to hide the card as quickly as possible since Ms. Downey didn’t allow them to be out during class), he didn’t even think to question his friend further.

At lunch, Mrs. Valenzuela gave him an extra slice of pepperoni pizza (his favorite) and an extra chocolate chip cookie. She told him that “a boy as nice as him deserved something a little extra today” as she smiled at him brightly. Billy liked “Mrs. V” a lot but had never gotten extra food from her. Usually that was only for the bigger kids who ate lunch later in the day.

He shared all of this with his mom when she picked him and Winny up after school at 3pm. Marcy and Winny listened with two completely different thoughts about Billy’s big day. Winny was not impressed, even when Billy talked about scoring the winning goal during PE on what he described as a “One in a million shot that even their coach, Mr. Walters, couldn’t believe.”

Marcy, on the other hand, listened intently and was making mental notes. It seemed to her that making a bet about an awesome day was a pretty safe and good bet to make with the kids. Would it always be like this, she wondered? Was it like a genie in a bottle? Did she only have so many “bets” she could make?

She wanted to talk to Jimmy but she was also scared to talk to him. Marcy’s mind was racing and it barely registered with her when Billy dropped his biggest bomb.

“And at the end of the day, do you know what happened?” Billy asked his mom and sister.

“What happened,” said Winny with a snotty tone in her voice like she was about ready to kill him.

“That actor Mom likes, you know, the guy from Jimmy’s Brain….he came to our class. It was Uh-mazing. He said he might come by our house sometime since he lives in town now,” said Billy.


See you tomorrow.

This creepy hill is near our cousins' condo... Things happen there. Bad things.

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