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Entry date: 7-14-2023 – Beautiful, Downtown Lewiston (and a mini Bet) – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Maine is still a huge mystery to me, even after coming here for most of the last 17 years. There are places I hadn’t known that existed just a few miles from the roads I’ve traveled dozens of times. Case in point, Lewiston.

I’m here this morning with my father-in-law so he can get some medical stuff checked out. I had no idea there was a whole little downtown in Lewiston. I thought it was a sleepy little ‘burb next to Auburn, which I also assumed to be a sleepy little place, too. The L.A. area (as it is called) is kinda happening.

There are cool, older buildings being reused for places like the dermatologist’s office I sit in now and there is a brewery (Baxter…I know, not great, but still) right next door. There seems to be some sort of street fair starting up across the street and if I’m here long enough, I’m going to check it out.

The trees are so damn thick sometimes that you don’t see all that’s happening behind them. Maine, you are constantly amaze me. Phoenix, you have a lot to do to keep me interested…just kidding.


Marcy looked at Winny. There was terror in her daughter’s eyes. It seemed as if last night’s bad dream/situation had all come back to her as Billy told the story of “Jimmy’s” visit.

“Mom,” said Winny with a worried tone.

“I know, sweetheart.”

“What’s the matter,” asked Billy.

“Nothing. Don’t worry about it. Did anything else happen today?” Marcy asked, trying to change the subject.

“Not really. It was just a really good day. Aidan is so cool,” Billy replied quickly.

“Aidan?” asked Winny.

“You know, the guy who played ‘Jimmy’,” responded Billy.

“What did he talk about in your class?” Marcy asked.

“Well,” started Billy, “It was so cool. He just wanted to talk about his work on Jimmy’s Brain, what it was like to be in a band, and how much he likes our town. I told him that Jimmy’s Brain was your favorite movie of his and that’s when he said he’d like to come by for a visit.”

“Did he talk about his other movies?” Marcy asked. She was beginning to realize that it wasn’t the actor who played Jimmy who came to visit. It was Jimmy himself.

“No, he mostly asked us questions about living here,” Billy replied.

“Hmmm, that weird. I would think he would have wanted to talk about all his movies,” said Marcy.

Marcy pulled into the driveway and told the kids to go in and get busy with their homework. She knew Paul would be home soon and wanted to get dinner started for him to finish as she had to get ready for work.

What was Jimmy up to, she worried. Why was he messing with her kids? She knew she would have to talk to Winny about it before she headed out for the night. She didn’t want to have that conversation.


See you tomorrow.

If you find yourself in Lewiston in need of a skin doc, you're in the right place.

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