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Entry date: 7-16-2023 - Sea Faring - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

The Butthole Surfers have a song called "Sea Ferring." It's one of the songs that really cemented my love for the band. There is an ephemeral quality to the song that I just love. Plus they do this sort of rat-a-tat, rapid karate chop thing with the vocals that makes me smile.

Paul Leary is one of the most inventive guitar players ever, too. The guy was so far ahead of time and could probably give Masters level classes on the manipulation sound by effect pedal. His work on "Sea Ferring" perfectly balances, or maybe enhances, the bad ass vocals.


Yesterday we took a boat ride with Jamie and Erik. It was really great, but if I'm being honest, it was also a bit scary.

We had some interesting weather in Boothbay, where they live. When we got there around 1:30PM, it was pretty foggy but clearing. Erik decided it was nice enough for a boat ride around one of the many rivers in the area and then into Boothbay Harbor where we would dock and walk around for a bit before having dinner.

The sun came out while we were out looking for bald eagles and it was awesome. We got to see an eagle sitting high above the water. I was hoping to see it in action, but it stayed stoic and proud.

Then we headed for the harbor and enjoyed some time walking around the tourist traps. Saw some interesting people and places, but also typical t-shirts and such. We got dinner on the top of this place called The Bistro and had a wonderful view of the harbor.

Also a great view of the new fog bank rolling in.

This was no joke. Visibility was about fifty yards and for a minute there, as Erik expertly maneuvered back towards their island, it looked like we might be headed out to sea (or, the case was yesterday, the "no see"). I was plenty nervous, especially when I could hear Jamie telling Eirk, "I have no idea where we are."

Luckily Erik knew exactly where we were and soon enough we could see land again as we boated through the islands that make up the area. It definitely puts in perspective how people get in trouble super easily while on the water. It also helps remind you how getting worried or panicking is just a waste of time.

We safely made it back to the dock, spooky ride or not, and headed to our hotel. We all crashed pretty quickly.

Today is Botanical Gardens of Central Maine and then lunch with the Cabin Masters.

See you tomorrow.


The Fog and The Mist came to mind.

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