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Entry date: 7-17-2023 – Bangor? I don’t even know her – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

That’s a terrible title, isn’t it? We’re off to Bangor today to take the Stephen King tour. That’s right. The King man himself. Wouldn’t it be awesome if he decided to do the tour today? I’d keel over.

My buddy, Matt P., turned me on to Stephen King in the early 1980s. We were in 7th grade and the books just poured through us and over us and into us. They were highly influential to what my idea of a writer is and the way ideas flow through the guy is just astounding. It would be great to pick his brain.

Because of this, though, today is a short entry into the Ergonomic Mischief world. I do have to say that yesterday was a very fun day. We went to the Central Maine Botanical Gardens, and it was excellent. I can’t recommend it enough. If you are ever near Boothbay, you need to check this place out. Give yourself a good couple of hours, if not more, because there is so much to see. The trolls, man, the trolls.

After that, we had lunch at the place where the Maine Cabin Masters sell their overpriced souvenirs. I don’t think I would buy anything there, ever, but they do have decent food at the restaurant. I had an awesome burger that was overpriced, sure, but I enjoyed it. Everything is just a little more expensive in Maine. Vacationland!

We also drove through a town called Mount Vernon which was absolutely stunning. I may have a new dream place to settle one day. The trees were overgrown around the state route we were on and it was just beautiful, especially when we went past the pond that the small “downtown” area sits upon. Wow! Definitely need to go back there and explore at some point.

Have a wonderful Monday.

See you tomorrow.

What a rad dude to find out in the forest...Central Maine Botanical Gardens!

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