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Entry date: 7-18-2023 – Rest and Relax (and The Bet) – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

The weekend and yesterday’s trip to Bangor to take the Stephen King tour got me. I woke up early today but didn’t get out of bed until just now (10:20AM Phoenix time). I laid around and listened to a podcast that we started on the road yesterday and played games on my tablet. Lots of fun, right? No.

The patterns I have been shedding with the electronic devices are getting hard to just finally get rid of completely. I’ve stopped a few that I was do in the mornings, but not all. I am thinking that getting away from spending time on my phone/tablet playing games is something I can do without, just like sports talk radio. We shall see how this goes.

Maybe my brain fog will clear, and I will have more thoughts on why I want to give up my war games time. I guess those moments are taking away from reading and writing and being a person who devotes a lot of time to others. Life, it seems, is going by really fast.

Perhaps it was the visit yesterday to Bangor, home of Mr. S. King. The tour was excellent and what it really brought home to me is that if you believe in yourself, you can accomplish great things. I know that is not the whole enchilada, of course. You have to have talent and ideas and follow through. You have to have people on your side. You also just have to go for it. Stephen King did that and he has never forgotten about the people who helped him along the way.

We really explored Maine the last three days. I saw parts of it that made me want to drop everything, hunker down, and stay there forever. I also saw places that reminded me why this is a tough fucking place. It’s a place that could easily chew you up and spit you out. I feel like every house we pass has a story inside of it. Maybe that’s why King has so many stories to tell?

Bangor seems like an interesting place to live, that’s for sure. I think I will go up there again and explore a bit more next year or the year after that. Either way, I saw what King was seeing when he came up with scenes and stories from books I love. That’s an amazing thing.

We also had a really nice time. The last three days were really good for all of us, I think. Even though the skies are gray and rainy, there is also hope and brightness. That’s a bit vague, maybe, but the long and short of it is this: we’ve had a damn good trip to Maine. It’s been too short, of course, and I’m not ready for the heat of Phoenix, but I’m ready to get busy with the next chapter of life.

Bring on the haboobs, I suppose.

For those of you reading this that might be interested in the King tour, I highly recommend it, by the way. The owner of the company was our guide and he was entertaining and informative. He showed just enough spots that are from the different books that it was interesting, but the coolest part of all was the background on how the Kings (Stephen and Tabitha) are probably the greatest things to ever happen to Bangor. They are truly amazing in their philanthropy and that’s cool as fuck.


(I lied…It’s Tuesday. I’m sorry.)


“Winny,” said Marcy.

“Yeah, mom?”

“You okay?”

“Yeah, mom. I’m okay.”

“Any thoughts on Billy’s story about ‘Jimmy’?”


“Are you sure. You can talk to me, you know.”

“I’m sure, mom. That wasn’t Jimmy. It was Aidan, anyway.”

Marcy was a bit puzzled. She had never known Winny to be too interested in Jimmy’s Brain or anything about it.

“What do you mean?” Marcy asked.

“Billy saw Aidan, mom, but Jimmy was in my room last night,” Winny said matter-of-factly before adding, “besides, I’m not scared of either of them anymore.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear you say that. You don’t have anything to worry about.” Marcy tried to sound convincing, but she didn’t think it was working.

“I know, mom. I know you have everything under control,” Winny said.

“You do?” Marcy didn’t want to sound like she was skeptical but she wasn’t pulling it off.

“You do, mom. I bet you don’t know why, though.”

“What? What did you say?”

“You do.”

“No, after that.”

“I bet you don’t know why? Is that what you meant?”

“Yes,” Marcy said. “Why did you say that?”

“I don’t know, mom. It’s just an expression. Sheesh.”

Marcy was even more puzzled than before. What was going on, she wondered. Her mind raced, but she didn’t have time to let it run very far. She had to get to work.


See you tomorrow.

Central Maine Botanical Gardens...yay!

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