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Entry date: 7-22-2023 – Happy Saturday (and The Bet) – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I went outside at about 12:15PM PST and it was 65 degrees. This is what I had been hoping for over the last four weeks and it finally got here. Granted it was rainy and wet all day yesterday and foiled some plans I had to go golfing, but still. Over 50 degrees cooler than it was in Phoenix.

Not sure what today has in store for us except making some pizza later. Last night we had some lobster and they were delicious. Lobster rolls for lunch today and tomorrow, I’m sure. I worried about the crusty bottom dwellers Thursday night as we had them for about a day before we sent them to lobster heaven. They seemed so sad in the cooler. I hope they are happy in my belly.

Enjoy this day!


While Marcy was getting situated at work and ready for her shift, Paul was striding across the street to say hi to Jonathan. The kids were messing around in the front yard and Paul enjoyed getting a few minutes with his friend and, in some ways, his mentor, too. Jonathan had shown Paul a lot about engines that YouTube was never going to be able to share.

Paul knocked on Jonathan’s door and waited a few moments. He heard some voices coming from the other side of the door and worried that he was interrupting his friend.

“C’mon in, Paul,” came from the other side of the door.

“Kids! I’ll be over here for a few minutes if you need me,” shouted Paul as he opened the door.

The front door opened up to show Jonathan’s sparsely decorated living room. There was a couch, two chairs, a coffee and end table, and a television. Magazines were strewn across the coffee table and sitting on the couch was a very familiar person.

“Hey, Paul. Meet Aidan Mann. The actor. Do you know about him?” said Jonathan.

“Holy shit…err, sorry, Mr. Mann. This is wild! Nice to meet you,” stuttered Paul.

“Nice to meet you, Paul. Jonathan was telling me all about your neighborhood,” said Mann.

“Is everything all right, Paul? You look a little shocked?” asked Jonathan.

“I have to admit it, I guess. I am pretty shocked. Jimmy’s Brain is my wife’s favorite movie. She makes everyone watch it,” said Paul as he stared at Aidan.

Mann laughed heartily and said, “You must be Billy’s dad. He told me the same story when I visited the school earlier today.”

“What?” Paul asked. “He didn’t mention that when we talked earlier. He was so excited about the soccer games at PE.”

“Well, I enjoyed meeting him,” said Aidan who laughed again.

Paul thought the laugh sounded exactly like the one he was used to hearing while watching Jimmy’s Brain. Something about it was very odd.

“Aidan’s thinking of leaving Hollyweird and moving to our neighborhood,” said Jonathan.

“Yeah, I’ve been walking around, checking the place out, and Jonathan was nice enough to invite me in for a beer,” said Aidan.

“Speaking of…you want one, Paul?” Jonathan asked.

“Sure…well, shit. I wish I could, but the kids are out front. Marcy would kill me if I didn’t have eyes on them every five seconds.”

“Jonathan, would you mind if I went over with Paul to say hi to Billy? I’d love to let him know I am a man of my word,” asked Aidan.

Paul had a confused look on his face. Aidan noticed and added quickly, “After Billy told me about his mom, I told him I might come to visit while I was in town.”

This was all too much for Paul. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something was off about this whole situation. Sure, it’s not every day you get to meet a famous actor, but still. Marcy was going to shit, Paul thought.

“I don’t mind at all, Aidan. C’mon back anytime,” said Jonathan.

“Shall we?” Aidan asked.

Paul wanted to say no but didn’t.


See you tomorrow.

In Bangor (which is also known as "Derry") you can see Paul Bunyan. He's ready to rock and roll.

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