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Entry date: 7-25-2023 – Last Day (again) – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

This is going to be short and sweet as it is a travel day. I may add to this later, I don’t know. When I started today, I was in Rangeley, ME and when it ends, I will be back home in Phoenix. Along the way was a bit of Boston, some time in Portland, and a lot of heartache.


It believes in tremors,

The quivering muscle inside my chest.

A bit shaky today

Staring at the sun through a different lens.

If it had fingers, it would grip the seconds

And strangle the minutes so they could become peaceful, blue hours.

This stumbling tongue

Knows all the words but has none.

All jumbled up

And running from the whispers of “so long” and “goodbye.”

If it had fingers, it would sort the letters

Into a crossword puzzle only love could solve.

How many thoughts

Will find a new home in this day?

Tremulous tissue

Blasting 70,000 and maybe a few more.

If it had fingers, there would be brittle bones

Where skin once covered the fear and hope and love and…


and this.

It's time to begin again.

If Time had fingers, life would need a lot more pianos.


See you tomorrow.

Be like this.

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