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Entry date: 7-26-2023 – Wack to Bork – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Travel brain in full effect. The anticipation of a brand-new day and being back to work and all…sleeping alone in a bed that seems huge and no Bailey. Uggh.

I’ll get back to the Bet soon…maybe even tomorrow. We shall see. I’m melting, as you know, and sad and happy and excited and full of curiosity about what will come next.

Will I have a new granddaughter today?

Hopefully I have energy for punk rock.

Better posts tomorrow or Friday, I’m betting.


Your demons are neat

Said the barely purple cow

To the spider and fly.

Twigs taste like brown shirts

Said the moth with a mouthful

Of my LL Bean.

Hot coffee is best

Said the skylarking widow

Alone her thoughts.


See you tomorrow.

On July 17, I sat on a bench that Stephen King used to sit on while writing. Pretty cool.

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