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Entry date: 7-3-2023 – Random Stuff on the day before Independence Day – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

With any luck, there will be fireworks later today. We will be watching from a boat and looking up at the show happening over our heads. The weather may not be our friend, though. It will be a game time decision.

Not for nothing, it has been really nice to see a week straight of cloudy days, but they can go away now. I am starting to understand how people get depressed in places where the weather is like this a lot. The sun is a nice thing, although my brothers and sisters in Arizona are probably down for a trade right now.


Fucking Monday.


Why not?


What’s with the Suns? Now they sign Eric Gordon. Crazy. I don’t know what he’s got left in the tank, but I like it. The man can get hot and he’s going to get open looks. I still think they have one more signing up their sleeve. One pickup. Who will it be?


I wrote a poem. Rhondi was listening to some 80s music while I wrote it and some of it trickled in.

His name is Fred

He splits in two half the way up.

V is not for victory.

Not for Fred.

It’s not that he’s unremarkable.

When you see Fred,

He is clearly remarkable.


Some might say he was “a man’s man” if

He was a man.

Fred is not a man.

Fred is a Fred.

That’s what I said.

We got it.

The beat. Yep. The beat

Is what we got.

Fred. Fred. Fred.

Someday Fred will be dead

And I will be sad.

Fred will outlive me, though.

So “being sad” is a hope, really.

When do you hope to be sad?

You hope to be sad

When you know it won’t matter

If you’re sad or not.

You hope to be sad

When a movie just needs to do the sad thing.

Just this once, we can handle it.

You hope to be sad

At the end of a murder ballad.

48 Hours in song.

Whoa, oh. Your city lies in dust.

My friend.

Your city lies in dust.

Fred. Your city, man.

It lies in dust. My friend. Whoa, oh.

She said so.

Your city is vast, Fred.

I bet you like living on the edge of it.

Don’t let that spot go.

Someday, Fred.

You might have a badminton court under you.

Excavation days ahead.

I’m not leaving now, Honey.

Not a chance.

Life is cruel, life is never kind.



See you tomorrow.

This is not Fred. Nice try.

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