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Entry date: 7-8-2023 - The Glory of Humidity - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Phoenicians often roll their eyes when people talk about our "dry heat" in the desert. I'm sure most of my cactus living brethren would laugh their heads off right now at this notion. I do my best to never complain about the heat in Phoenix because I choose to live there, but it is fucking hot there.

I say this because I am in a wet heat now. The humidity in Maine is ridiculous and it is zapping me of the desire to be outside. Sure, it says it is going to be 85 today, but it feels like 105. You can't get dry. Ever.

We went swimming yesterday at Smalls Falls and the water was cold and nice, but my hair never got dry. I'm about to shower and I won't dry off for hours.

Boo hoo, I know.

I will shut up now.

Happy Saturday folks. Go rule this


See you tomorrow.

Ppictures aren't working today.

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