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Entry date: 8-12-2023 – Random Saturday Stuff – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Saturday mornings are something, right? It feels good to not have to go to work. As a man of leisure for about a month, it started to feel like every day was Saturday, but now that I’m truly back in the swing of things, it certainly feels good to not have to listen for an alarm.

The week was a good one. Busy, of course, but good. Chaotic, sure, but that’s okay. As I looked at my student’s faces yesterday as they marched out the door of our classroom, I saw in them what I was feeling myself. Excitement, fatigue, happiness, and a bit of sadness that we had to say goodbye. You get used to the rhythm and the safety of the classroom. It’s comforting, really, and the best is still yet to come.

I did have to have a talk with a few of my fellow teachers about one student. I mentioned him earlier in the week, I think. He’s really struggling to learn, I think. There is no IEP, which is an Individual Education Plan, but there really should be. Of the two teachers I spoke with, both just kind of threw their hands in the air when it came to what to say about him.

There is definitely a language barrier, but there is something else there, too. It could be that he is just not interested in school. It’s sad, but a lot of kids just sort of put out the attitude that they are going to do their own thing and they don’t give two fucks what you think. He’s not going to be a discipline problem, but like I said yesterday (it’s all coming back to me), the extra effort I am going to have to put into him will take away from what I can give other students who need it, too.

Recently I heard a man speak who does a program that revolves around the idea that every kid out there could be in a much better place if they just have one caring adult in their lives. Maybe I am supposed to be that one caring adult for this young man. I don’t know. Right now, if I had to bet money on it, I’d say that even if I convince him that I really do care about him, it won’t matter. He’s figured out how to skate by.

I was talking to my principal about him and she pulled up his test scores from last year. Needless to say, they were not good. He should probably be doing first grade again. Truly. That’s about where he is at and I’m guessing there are first graders in our building that have a better handle on school and learning than he does. How has he been passed on this long? I really wish it was something more than the school having it’s hands tied by the parents and the state.


This was supposed to be a random day but it turned into a school rant.




This weekend is devoted to writing words and making music. I’m excited for both. Other than that, I will eat and sleep and do laundry and drive Teresa around. Hope you are making your world a better place, too.


See you tomorrow.

It's blank now, but soon...

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