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Entry date: 8-15-2023 – Ease – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

It’s so easy to get sucked into the mindset of easiness. On some levels, things should be easy, right? Last night I was at the Astrologer show, which was great, but I overheard some people talking about how the Jetsons cartoon, which was on the TV over the bar for a bit, was set in a year similar to ours, but we don’t have a lot of that stuff yet. The show was supposed to be in 2062 actually.

Michael pointed out that there was a lot of misogyny in the Jetsons, too, so the writers didn’t think there would be a lot of change or couldn’t imagine things being very different in 2062. Probably didn’t care. It probably wasn’t easy for them to think of a futuristic world where people would be the way we are now.

The easiness that people desire doesn’t coincide with changing things. People want a better world, I think, overall. There’s a lot of different visions of what a ‘better’ world would look like, true, but most people want something better. If not for them, then for their children. Not all people, of course, but most.

Some people’s vision of a better world only includes people who look and think like them. Watching that snippet of the Jetsons on TV in the Linger Longer Lounge showed what kind of future some people wanted, for sure. A white future.

A lot of people want positive social change, too. There is a need for an inclusive world where even if we disagree about some or a lot of things, we still accept each other and listen to each other. What I don’t see, though, is a lot of desire to do the hard (not easy) work that requires. It takes a while to change a habit, so I’m guessing changing one’s belief system is even harder.

I know my students want things to be easy. I don’t seem to have any that would like me to spoon feed them, so that’s good. I’ve had those in the past and written about them here. The sense of “entitlement” is definitely less with this class. Maybe the farther we get away from the pandemic, the better that will be. I don’t know, for a fact, if there is a correlation between the two.

Maybe I’m just better at heading that shit off at the pass, too. Could be. I learn from time to time.

Either way, we all want things to be easier but many of us (including myself some mornings) aren’t ready or willing to work to get there. You have to create your own slack. I’m a firm believer in this.

See you tomorrow.

What would Bob do? He would slack for it.

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