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Entry date: 8-20-23 – What Happened to Jonathan (The Bet) – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I’m just jumping back in to The Bet. Happy Sunday. Relax. Do your thing. Laundry..whatever.


Greg was saying things to Marcy, but she didn’t hear him. Eventually, though, he said something that snapped her back into reality.

“You should call Paul,” Greg said. “You should have him come get you. You can’t drive like this.”

Marcy didn’t say anything. Instead, she handed Greg her phone and nodded towards it.

Greg took the phone and walked a few steps away. He signaled to Jean Simpson, an ER nurse who had known Marcy for a long, long time to come over.

Marcy noticed Greg talking to Jean and saw Jean walking her way.

“C’mon, Marcy. Let’s go for a walk,” Jean said.

“I’m okay, really. I just want to go home.”

“I know. Greg’s calling Paul now. Were you and the man…what was his name? Um, were you close?”

Marcy shook her head again, letting Jean know that they were.

“I just saw him yesterday before my shift. I played a joke on him. I shouldn’t have…” She trailed off.

Tears were streaming down Marcy’s face again. Jean put her arm around Marcy’s shoulder and led her into an empty bay in the ER. The two women stood in silence until Greg came in about 30 seconds later.

“I talked to Paul. He’s taking the kids to your mom’s and then he’ll be here. He’s pretty upset, Marcy,” said Greg.

Marcy thanked Greg and Jean and asked them where Jonathan’s body was located. They told her that he was in one of the more private rooms off the main hallway for at least another hour before they would take him to the morgue.

For some reason, Marcy hadn’t even thought about or had an urge to see Jonathan’s body. It dawned on her, though, that maybe there was something she could do. She wanted to talk to Jonathan. She wanted to see if she could bring him back.

Could she do that, she wondered? If she could, how would it be explained?

“Greg, how long do you think he had been gone when Mr. Mann brought him in?” Marcy asked.

“I’d have to say he’d been dead about an hour or so, maybe two,” said Greg, shaking his head.

Marcy did the quick math in her head. Could she even try to bring him back? If she did, what would the repercussions be for something like this. Who else would die, she wondered. If Jonathan had been dead for four or five hours at this point, he might already be starting to stiffen up.

Sometimes, Marcy knew, the first signs of rigor mortis didn’t start kicking in until eight hours or so. This was on the long side, in her experience, but maybe Jonathan could still come back. He was a fighter, she knew that. He wouldn’t have wanted to go out this way.

She stopped herself. It wasn’t healthy to think this way and she knew it. She also knew that Jonathan probably didn’t die in his sleep. She knew that Jimmy/Aidan had something to do with it, but what? If she tried to bring him back, maybe it would show them that she was the most powerful person now.

This last thought made Marcy dig her fingernails into her palm to the point of drawing blood.

“Can I go see him?” she asked. She knew the answer already, but she had to keep up the appearance of being in shock for the time being.

“I’ll go with you,” Jean said.


See you tomorrow.

Thanks, AI.

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