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Entry date: 8-8-22 - Random notes on a Monday in August - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

It is strange to feel like you’re missing a huge piece of your life. Even though this is the second time we have had such a separation, it is hard to put into words how lonely I feel. I suppose, in a way, it already feels like it is just an extension of last year’s separation.

I am reminded a lot lately of the word, “Separate” lately. I watched the excellent Apple + TV show, Severance, over the summer with Rhondi and it is weird how life kind of feels like the premise of that show right now. I feel like my “innie” or other self is alive and well and living in Rangeley and this current version is living in Phoenix. I wonder if that is part of the whole quantum universe thing.

Is there a version of me living in Maine right now, doing Maine things? Has that version of me ever lived in Arizona at all? I love to think about this concept sometimes. It’s kind of like those thoughts about what you would do if you won the lottery. You can get lost in them and wander around for days in what if scenarios.

This would mean there is a version of me that never moved back from Berkeley. Where did that guy go? Who is he still friends with anymore? Would my current friendships have lasted? I like to think so. Maybe someone else would have made the switch and moved with me?

My old friend Marc E. did. That didn’t last and is chronicled in a previous blog about places I have lived. Poor Marc left a huge amount of clothing behind since he left in such a rush. I tried to sell it a few times because I was mad at him, but eventually I got back in contact with him and gave it back to him.

I wonder what life would have been like if I hadn’t been homeless and lonely and sad up there. I wouldn’t trade it for the life I have now, I know that, but it’s still interesting to consider. I’m thinking out loud here but could make an interesting story concept.


Story concepts have been flooding my brain lately. I have a couple that feel like good ones, but I’m also worried that they are just cosmic roadblocks I’m throwing out there to stop me from really making progress on the ones I have already started.

I really like the character’s I am creating for the Rye’s Above story and keep wanting to spend time with them, but I feel like The Trees is starting to roll faster and faster. The Baseball Story, if you’ve been keeping up, is the one that scares me a bit because it is dark. I have decided that I will finish them all, one way or another, and we’ll see if anyone is interested in reading them or publishing them.

I keep getting more and more ideas, though, and I love it, but they are daunting. Some of them are very much on the science fiction sort of tip but I’ve never been a fan of that genre. I like it, but those books never jump off the shelf at me and say, “read me, dude.” When someone, usually Bobby, suggests one, though, I like it.

Can I write it? I guess I’ll find out.


I had a good time with some of my buddies on Saturday night. We got some beers and shot pool at Shady’s. Their jukebox is so good, and all the dudes have such great taste in music that we had one great song after another for a solid couple of hours. It was nice to see the guys after a couple months away.

We got some tacos at Tacos Chiwas afterwards and they were excellent. That place rules. If you are a Phoenix person and haven’t been there, please go. Right across the street from The Rhythm Room on Indian School and about 10th street. Tasty stuff and very reasonably priced, too.

Got a little golf in yesterday, too. I didn’t play very well, but it was still fun to go out with the group. We had a nice breakfast, too, at Daily Dose which I will visit again. I look forward to taking Rhondi there as she will dig the menu, I think. I took a nice long nap after I got home and then made the kids some hamburgers. Grilling in the desert on a hot day sucks, but the burgers were tasty.


Looking ahead at this week, I am excited to try out some new material with my students. Since I have a full year to explore the world of music with them, I’m starting out by breaking down the elements of music and songs and as I mentioned on Saturday, we are taking a look at the importance of the beat this week.

Should be a fun one and I have no plans to do much else except make sure the kids have what they need. I feel like this is my “get back in the swing” of Phoenix life week. I will do a bunch of writing in the evenings as I have stories of all shapes and sizes to work on. Gotta get back on the horse and write a few things for New Times, too.


Lastly, for today, I wanted to write down some thoughts about political signs. Teresa and I were talking as we drove home from the store yesterday. There are stupid political signs all over the roads right now because of the recent elections and they are so irritating.

Tom Horne, who has been a fixture in politics here for too long, has signs that say, “Stop Critical Race Theory”, yet that subject is not taught in Elementary or High Schools. What a fucking loser that guy is and all of them, really. If I get to the point, ever, where I have some “fuck you” money, I’m going to print up a ton of signs in political season and put them out there amongst all of them saying things like “Politicians are morons” or “All These People Are Lying To You.”

I don’t know. Seems like a good idea. I will continue to wordsmith it.

See you tomorrow.

Spotted this out in the wild yesterday. I don't know why I was so entertained.

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