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Entry date: 9-1-2023 – Happy September – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Happy Friday. Happy September. So long, August, you smug fucker. Hot you were, like Yoda on Molly. I don’t care to see you again for a while. I can only imagine what you will be like next year and it doesn’t seem like it will be pretty.

The last couple of days have kind of flown by and that’s a good thing. The month ended better than it began. August limped out of the last week of July which fucking sucked goddamn buttermilk. I got home and found out that the ex-fiancée of my daughter had accused me of something so ridiculous that I wanted to scream.

I actually did scream a few times. I tried to get rid of a ton of stress and sadness and anger by yelling when there was no one else around to hear. It helped. It always does, but usually there is a microphone in front of me and a bass in my hands.

I still don’t feel too comfortable writing about it, but I will say that it was something that I would never do in a thousand lifetimes. She was trying, unsuccessfully, to create some sort of rift in our family. Luckily, everyone knew that was she was saying was not true, but it tore into me just the same.

People fucking suck sometimes. I don’t know why she would come at me. I never did anything to her, but she also knows enough to try and drive a wedge between our family and my daughter, Elise. I’ve never wanted to fuck with someone so badly that I would stoop to slander and libel.

Karma has a wonderful memory, though. I have faith that what she put out there into the universe will come back to her. I have faith in my family, too, and the love we have for each other. No bitter husk of a human will come between us.

So, hello September. There is a lot of cool stuff coming up. Cooler weather, hopefully, too. I feel like some old dude getting ready to fire off a few “Get off my lawns” these days. I talk about the weather too damn much.

As for today, this day right in front of my face, I am looking forward to getting some work done with my students and having a fun afternoon and evening. Three-day weekends are the best when you are a teacher. That extra day really does recharge the batteries and then you get a short week the following week.

That’s almost as weak as talking about the weather, though.

The Bet will be back this weekend. I might even get a chance to finish it off. We shall see.

See you tomorrow.

Just a couple bass players facing the camera and another behind us.

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