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Entry date: 9-10-2023 – I’m Watching Football – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Who would have thought, back in the early 90s, that Magic Johnson would still be alive today. When he came out and said he had HIV, a lot of people thought he was a dead man. We knew so little about that terrible disease. Now, today on TV, I hear his name every ten minutes because he’s a partial owner of the Washington Commanders. Good for him.

As much as I hate the Lakers, Magic was fun to watch. I don’t think there was a better point guard in the game at the time and maybe there has never been another who was his peer. It’s hard to say. They were so good, those “showtime” Lakers but I still can’t bring myself to watch the HBO soap opera about them.

Back to football, though. I am a casual football fan. I root for the Cardinals, yes, but I really don’t care too much about them. I don’t believe their ownership (The Bidwills) really want to win that much. They consistently shoot themselves in the foot with terrible hires in the front office and coaching staff and seem to want to nickel and dime younger players while overpaying for names who are beyond their prime.

That’s a recipe for “Why should I give a crap about the team?”

Having said all that, these dudes are playing their hearts out today. At the time of this writing, they are only down one with about seven minutes to go. Either Washington is still really bad or the Cards aren’t going to be as bad as people think. Only time will tell, I suppose. One thing I realize, though, is that I didn’t miss football.

As long as the Steelers lose, I’m happy. (Just kidding, MJS)

Last night’s Hillbilly show was a lot of fun. We just attacked the set and didn’t let up. There was no banter between songs, really, and we just pounded the crowd for about 30 minutes straight. Liam kept the noise going between most of the songs, so we really didn’t have any dead air time. I loved it.

It’s funny how Hillbilly has kind of found a place in the Valley music scene again. After almost 30 years of doing the band, it amazes me that it continues to have a life. Last night we played songs that were written in the early 90s and the lyrics are still relevant today. The bad stuff in the world just doesn’t want to change, I guess.

Hope y’all have a great Sunday.

I think the Cards are toast, by the way.

See you tomorrow.

Halloween is coming.

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Dolly Renea
Dolly Renea
Sep 10, 2023

Tom, I highly recommend watching Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. I get that you're a Lakers hater (though not the reason why), but the series is well-done.

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