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Entry date: 9-11-2023 – There are Many Paths – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Another week begins now.

Another weekend gone.

Friends filled the space

In my heart that misses the one.


Had a nice visit with Granny yesterday. She seems to be really happy and that makes my heart feel good. I don’t know how much time I have left with her, but whatever it is, I’m glad to know that she seems to be feeling better than she has in a long time.

She was popular yesterday, too. There were a couple of cousins there and an appearance from Uncle Joe. I only saw him for a brief time, but it’s always good to see Unk. Granny was holding court and it reminded me of the old days. She loves having multiple visitors.

I excused myself and took a drive out to Scottsdale to support my old buddies (and bandmates) Danny and Luke. Danny has a new version of his first book, Don’t Ever Punch a Rock Star, and Luke was selling copies of his old band, Mob 40’s, record that just came out. He’s donating the proceeds to help a family member who is fighting a brutal type of cancer.

It was good to see both of them, as well as Todd’s new(ish) band, Overstand. I really liked them. They played at TT Roadhouse, and it sounded pretty darn good in there. A bunch of other friends were there, too.

Between recording with Michael and Bobby, playing the Hillbilly show (with multiple good friends playing too and in attendance), and then the book party yesterday, it was a really good weekend. I needed it. I’ve been missing Rhondi a lot lately, so it was nice to get some hugs and laughs and make a lot of music.


As for today, the kids are in for a treat, I think. I’m ready to get them back on track and even though they might not be able to really notice it, I think they will like me picking up the pace just a little bit. Mondays start off wonky, anyway, with a trip to the library and then we have art right afterward, so they’ll get to ease into their week, and I’ll get to prep for a few things.


Marcy didn’t hear Paul and the kids come into the house when they got home. She was too busy staring at the screen. Jonathan’s body was on the gurney and Damon something or other was taking him down to the morgue via elevator.

The elevator was stuck or something, but lurched downward and the orderly put his hand down on the motionless body to presumably keep from falling over. There was a muffled “Ouch” that came from under the sheet and the camera quickly panned to the orderly’s face.

It was definitely Damon and he had a look like he had just shit himself. The camera cut to a view of a brown stain spreading on his white orderly pants. If there had been a laugh track, it would surely have been employed here.

Marcy didn’t laugh, though. She knew what was going to happen next.

Jonathan’s hand came out from under the sheet and pulled the covering from his body. The camera went to his eyes, which were electric blue and full of confusion then rage.

Damon was screaming and Jonathan reached up and grabbed him by the throat. The old man easily tossed the good sized orderly into the wall of the elevator. Damon crashed loudly to the floor and, completely naked, Jonathan hopped off the gurney and shoved it into him over and over until the elevator stopped descending.

As the doors open, the camera pans down to see Jonathan’s bare feet being enveloped in a puddle of blood.

Marcy heard the bedroom door open and looked up to see Winny’s face.

“She’s in here, Dad,” Winny called out. Then she saw her mother’s face.

“Dad!!! Come quick.”


See you tomorrow.

Todd, Luke, Ryan, Danny, Jason, and me. We had gone to see the last Rambo movie. It was awful, but the company was great. These are the North Side Kings.

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