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Entry date: 9-13-2023 – Purple Crayons are For Lovers – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Purple Crayons

Lavender and Violet

The trees are full of native, purple heart-shaped birds

Wisteria is whistling

And fuchsia fumes

Over Royal Purples name.

Swirls of maximum purple

Mix with medium violet rays

And all is better because the crayons are in love


This is a getting shit done day. We start practicing for our big farewell show tonight, so I have to re-learn a bunch of songs this afternoon. It’s also a getting shit done day at work, too, so by the time I get home tonight, I’m going to be ready for bed.

Getting shit done days are the best, though.

If you don’t like them, you’re not doing them right. I’ve gotten pretty good at them over the years. I also enjoy the I’m not doing anyfuckingthing days, too. Don’t get me wrong. We need a nice mix of each in our lives.


Purple Thoughts

People do crazy things

And dream of wearing crowns

They mix themselves a cocktail

And soon their feelings drown

In tombs of ale and wine

And merrymaking is fine

Pleas for more and lots

Like come here and kiss me

Be sure or you’ll miss me

I swear

I swear you’ll just be

Here next to me

For a minute

Or an hour

Or all day

Please stay.


There is a Wikipedia page with all the crayons listed.

I am not at all surprised there is such a thing. I wonder who made it? Probably a super fan first, then someone from the parent company, which is Hallmark. Yep. Every box of crayons you buy allows Hallmark to make another Christmas movie that is eerily similar to the one Hallmark made before.

Now you know.


Paul found Marcy staring at the television in their bedroom. Later on, he would tell Aidan Mann that she looked as if she had seen a ghost, but it wasn’t a ghost. It was a zombie. “The Zombie,” to be exact and the look on Marcy’s face was not dissimilar to the look on Aidan’s face when Paul told him what movie she had been watching.

“Marce? You okay?” Paul asked as he turned to see what she was watching.

She looked at him with such a mix of pure confusion and fear that he felt queasy immediately. This wasn’t the first time he had felt this way that day, either.

On the screen, a naked actor who looked like his dead friend, Jonathan, was making a huge mess out of what appeared to be a hospital morgue.

“Is that?” Paul started to ask the only question he could ask but stopped himself.


“What is this, Marcy? What are you watching?”

Neither Paul nor Marcy noticed that Winny, who had stayed in the doorway, was now in the room staring at the screen as well.

“Mom? What is going on?” asked a horrified Winny. “That’s Jonathan.”

“Marcy…” Paul started again.

“Where are you guys,” called Billy from downstairs.

“Go tell your brother that Mommy and Daddy are talking and don’t tell him about the movie, okay?” snapped Paul.

Winny looked at her parents and back to the screen. She didn’t move.

“Win! Go distract your brother, okay!?!” Paul snapped again.


“Just go. Let mommy and I figure this out,” said Paul before adding quite meekly, “Please?”

Paul didn’t know what to think. Marcy didn’t know what to think. They just watched their dead friend and neighbor push bodies off gurneys, throw tables and chairs and lab equipment all around, and look scared and confused the whole time. It was heartbreaking.

“Marcy? What is going on? What is this?” Paul asked.

“It’s Jimmy’s Brain” was all Marcy could say.

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s Jimmy’s Brain. Look.” Marcy motioned toward the empty box on top of the dresser their TV sat on.

Paul grabbed the box and stared at it. When he turned it over, he saw the changes.

“What the fuck is this,” he almost screamed. There was panic in his voice.

Marcy’s phone began to ring but she didn’t budge from the bed. Paul walked over to her nightstand and looked at the phone screen.

“It’s Greg,” he said as he pushed the green phone icon on the touch screen and then put the phone up to his head.

“Greg...It’s Paul…what? Wait? What’s wrong?”

Paul listened while Greg told him about Jonathan’s body disappearing and the dead orderly.

“No. No…no. She’s right here. Hold on a sec,” Paul said into the phone.

Marcy looked at Paul and shook her head.

“I can’t. Not now,” she said.

Paul looked at Marcy. For the first time in their relationship, he saw a person he didn’t think he knew.

“Greg? I’m sorry, man. What can we do?” He asked.

Paul listened for another ten seconds or so and then hung up the phone.

“Honey. Um. I don’t know how to tell you this, but…”

She cut him off.

“I did this,” Marcy said. “I bet him and we both lost.”


See you tomorrow.

Binney and Smith. They invented Crayons.

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