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Entry date: 9-17-2023 – Random Sunday Thoughts – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Well, I learned a few things about myself as a DJ last night. One thing is that it pays to ask way more questions than I normally would. I am so used to interviewing people who are well rehearsed in saying what they want to say that I only really have to have a few questions and they will just talk. With a prospective client, such as the nice lady I DJ-ed for last night, I should have asked even more questions than I did.

Another thing I learned is that I can totally live with myself if I don’t spin 100% vinyl while I DJ. For a gig like last night, I had to be able to take requests. This was not a crowd that was going to be happy with me getting them close to the music they wanted to hear. I needed to deliver, so deliver I did. They fucking loved it, too.

A couple of the requests were songs I would have never spun in a million years, but this was not a DJ gig for it to be about the DJ creating a vibe. This was one for the DJ to just play what the people wanted to hear. It was really fun and gratifying, in a way, to see people dancing and having fun. It was also nice that many of them thanked me and seemed think I did something more than just find songs on Spotify and queue them up.

It was fun to work with the performers who were doing the murder mystery thing during the dinner. If I had gotten more information about what they were doing, I could have really been in sync with them a lot more. As it was, though, I think I added a little pizzazz to what they were doing and was able to sync up with them a bit.

Last night was the first time I got to watch one of those performances and some of the actors were really fun to watch. As the drinks flowed, the guests who were part of the performance also seemed to loosen up and really get into their characters. (Good job, Rick!) I had no clue who murdered who, but I don’t think that is really the point.

Either way, the gig really spurred me to add somethings to the record collection that we were lacking a little bit of, so we can definitely please a lot more people moving forward with our occasional DJ gigs. The downside is that I will need to practice mixing genres that I am not as quick to just “feel” in the heat of the moment. I’m much more of a “feel” DJ than Rhondi. She likes to plan out what she is going to play. I would have loved to have had her help last night.


I discovered that Hulu has all the old Bob Newhart shows. I watched the first couple of episodes. What a fun blast from the past. I loved the Bob Newhart show as a kid, and I enjoy it even more now. Newhart’s delivery was so dry and funny.

The show first aired when I was just about to turn three, so it’s no wonder it feels like it has always just been there. During the first episode, it just kind of starts like it has always been happening, too. There are no big introductions to anyone, including Newhart. The characters are just living their lives, doing their jobs, and many of them were regulars throughout the entire six year run of the show.

Bill Daily, who played “Howard Borden,” was the first “Kramer” long before Seinfeld ever existed. I had never really made the connection before. Even in the second episode, it was fully established that he just sort of inserted himself into Bob and Emily Hartley’s lives whenever he wanted, and they were okay with it. I wonder if this was part of what Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David had in mind with “Kramer.” Obviously, Michael Richards took the role of crazy neighbor to brand new heights.

Fun stuff.


I’ve been trying to get through the second season of Castle Rock. As much as I love Lizzy Caplan’s work most of the time, I’m having the hardest time enjoying her as a young “Annie Wilks.” The first season was a pretty fun ride. The second one, not so much so far. I’m only about four episodes in, but I’m having a really hard time justifying giving it any more hours of my day.


(This is inspired by a text chat the kids were having yesterday)

I’ll get them for you.

Those opportunist fuckwads.

I will find them, boo.

They left their scent there.

Lingering behind on seats

Only you should taint.

Because they were care-

Less, I will track them down like

The doggies they are.

Smelling criminal

Ass is love and I love you.

Fighting crime by nose.

Fighting crime with heart.

A siblings’ duty isn’t

Gross if done for love.


See you tomorrow.

My view.

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